Monday, 11 August 2008

Consensual Or Not?

This fellow is a pretty boy, but he's very confused indeed.

So confused he goes and gets a medical examination when he knows he hasn't been sodomised.

But then, he's so confused that he cannot decide if he was "sodomised" against his will or not.

But if he claims through his confusion that it was consensual after all, how can he be traumatised by it?

Oh well. What do you expect for someone who could only muster a 1.69 grade point average after 3 semesters of university?

I was wondering if a woman could get away with something like this, let alone a man.

Let's say I had a boss who was both powerful and persuasive - and I had a crush on him. I go around with him on business trips around the world and one day ...

Okay, I'm a shy, innocent and demure young woman, so I'll let Voltaire describe what happened through his literary brilliance, Candide.

One day as Cunegonde was walking near the castle in the little wood known as "the park," she saw Dr. Pangloss in the bushes, giving a lesson in experimental physics to her mother's chambermaid, a very pretty and docile little brunette. Since Lady Cunegonde was deeply interested in the sciences, she breathlessly observed the repeated experiments that were performed before her eyes. She clearly saw the doctor's sufficient reason, and the operation of cause and effect. She then returned home, agitated and thoughtful, reflecting that she might be young Candide's sufficient reason, and he hers.

On her way back to the castle she met Candide. She blushed, and so did he. She greeted him in a faltering voice, and he spoke to her without knowing what he was saying. The next day, as they were leaving the table after dinner, Cunegonde and Candide found themselves behind a screen. She dropped her handkerchief, he picked it up; she innocently took his hand, and he innocently kissed hers with extraordinary animation, ardor and grace; their lips met, their eyes flashed, their knees trembled, their hands wandered.

Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh happened to pass by the screen; seeing this cause and effect, he drove Candide from the castle with vigorous kicks in the backside. Cunegonde fainted. The baroness slapped her as soon as she revived, and consternation reigned in the most beautiful and agreeable of all possible castles.

Right. I'm done blushing now, thanks.

Assuming this happens about 8 times with my boss (back to the story now, folks, I know you've gotten all distracted) and then I decide all of a sudden one day to cry 'rape'.

So I lodge a police report and go get a medical examination. (I don't have the benefit of an audience with any politician, in spite of the fact that my university results were not all that bad.)

Under any normal circumstances, taking into account that I am over 16 years (the age of consent), and that I have no bruises as proof of a struggle, do you think I would be able to even have my day in court??

Even as a WOMAN, I'd think my chances are slim.

But Saiful Bukhari? Well, he's special.


walla said...

I got it. What this country needs is a Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh.

They changed the charge from rape to consensual after the doctor declared no sodomy. This shows they first wanted to nail him on rape but how could that be when they already knew they didn't have any evidence which was why they changed the charge. Therefore they were trying to fix him from the very beginning, any which way, using this kid.

For crankshaft:

Crankshaft said...

Hehe. I already have a hardcopy of Candide. I think I've read it at least 20 times. :)

Thanks for the Agatha Christie!

Patricia said...

Nice one! And, why is it that only we see the point you are making? Sigh.

cherrytree said...

Saiful's bank account must be bursting with ringgits. That's the only way he can bear all this. He is on the losing end whichever way it is. If he's telling the truth - he's a gay (poor fiancee) who cannot pass motion. If he's not, then he's a liar and bad one too (poor fiancee). The worse case scenario is that Saiful is both of those things. ha ha.

Knights Templar said...

Let's say I had a boss who was both powerful and persuasive - and I had a crush on him. I go around with him on business trips around the world and one day ... ( does'nt that sound like ROX life ? :) )

Crankshaft said...

Good ole Rox.