Wednesday, 8 October 2008

March 2009

So Abdullah says he will step down in March, four years before his term ends.

It's not the first announcement. But with each announcement, the time limit draws closer.

Pak Lah is slowly but surely stirring in his sleep. One of these days, he may even stretch and yawn.

Frankly, I've never met anyone so out of touch with reality. How important it is, to surround oneself with the right company (and advisors) when one is in a position of power.

The calls to step down have been relentless since BN got so badly trounced in March 2008.

Abdullah will not defend his post as party president in March to "save the party from splitting". Instead, he will nominate Najib Razak as president.

Oh goody. I can't wait to embrace Najib as our new leader.


We're also going to run out of dinner conversation.

No longer will we be able to debate on what Jeanne Danker does to Pak Lah at night that he can't stay awake in the day.


zewt said...

now, i hope ku li wins.

Anonymous said...

Hi Crankster

I think the whole thing sounds terribly dodgy because his latest statements are veiled with hints to expect the unexpected.

In the mean time, I agree with zewt and hope that Tengku Razaleigh wins - otherwise we are probably doomed.

Knights Templar said...

Tengku Razaleigh ? How desperate are we anyway ?

Crankster said...

If it's a toss between Ku Li and Na Jib, no prizes for guessing whom I'd pick.

Ku Li anyday.