Tuesday, 18 November 2008

We Stick Together

I'm still angry.

And because I am, it's probably not wise for me to say much.

Frankly, I don't think it is possible for me to properly understand how low the government can stoop. Because each time they do something so spectacularly stupid, they manage to outdo themselves the next time.

Take the arrest of Paula Khoo for instance.

Only the week before, the government sent in their running dogs, the police to brutalise a peaceful crowd while they were singing the national anthem.

This only goes to show how much respect the government has for the nation it is supposedly entrusted to govern. I certainly have no part for them being in Putrajaya, so I make no apologies.

Of course, in the aftermath of their shenanigans, the modus operandi is to deny everything, including their heavy-handed actions, in spite of the fact that there was clear evidence of it.

Like I said, there are no limits for low.

Low, I recently have discovered, is relative. Especially when it is in reference to the BN government. I once thought ankle height was low.

Evidently not. Then I thought the sole of one's feet was low.

Perhaps I could be kind. I could say that the BN government only stoops as low as the dust that settled under the fungus that infests the maggot that has crawled under the turd that was dropped by a sick animal, right before it keeled over and croaked.

Perhaps I could describe my relationship with the BN government. You could just imagine my disgust if I'd just stepped on the aforementioned turd - that's precisely the contempt I feel.

And why not?

That's not a government ruling our nation; it's a freaking side show!

You don't quietly go and bundle up the organiser of a peaceful demonstration and take her to the police station.

That's cowardice of the highest order, you fools!

But forget the police and their masters. To devote even a single braincell to their memory would be sheer waste.

Let's talk about Paula. I brought Paula to her first candlelight vigil opposite Amcorp Mall, PJ. It was incidentally the first time I was meeting her, but we hit it off immediately.

Now I'm passionate about my country and about making change happen. But while I attended the candlelight vigils (albeit faithfully) and blogged about it, Paula is a woman of action.

She was not merely an observer, she took charge and organised the Penang event at the Esplanade. I would have attended, were I not abroad, purely to support her.

Well, if the truth be told, I was planning to bum a night over at her place and catch some Penang food with her since she's a native. Don't say it, I know I take shameless liberties. But since she was planning to match-make me with someone - less than 2 minutes after we met in person - I'd say I have a right to. ;-)

The space on my fourth finger is, thankfully, still vacant (only because she went back to Penang), but like I said, Paula is a woman of action - while I am passive, Paula is active.

I am proud to be a friend of Paula. But I'm not in Malaysia at the moment and won't be until next month, and while I would dearly love to be with her on November 28, I can't.

If you can, please do so on my behalf. Not purely for me, but for Paula and for the country. We all need you.


Knights said...

Hmmmmmmm .

Anonymous said...


I am speechless!

And very touched by what you wrote about me and I don't deserve the honor cos there are many braver men and women out there who suffered more than me...yes, it has been a painful journey. Not easy to stand up and be squashed but the best part is the jack-in-the-box effect after being pressed down :). A team organized the event, not me :). I was the MC and guitarist and being in the limelight, and sadly, being female, I guess I was easy prey for them.
I take it as a compliment for they needed 6 to take me in. Perhaps they thought I am some kung fu or shaolin exponent who with the flick of a wrist could sweep them off :).
Although you are not with me dear friend, I know you are with me in your heart and dreams for a better Malaysia. I know not what the future holds in store for me but I know He holds my hand.
Pray for me dear sister...that justice will prevail. Thanks again...
And I will be back in action to make sure that finger ain't bare no more LOL!!!
hugs and lots of love to you!

walla said...

The BN government has indeed made progress. It has progressed from auto-pilot to self-destruct.

Instead of going after those who throw molotov cocktails and gatecrash forums, they now harass people who hold candles and intimidate a match-maker to boot.

What if it was a birthday party? Candles, a cake and a guitar for many happy returns to clean election. Will the editors of BBC and CNN have to report to the world that Malaysia has indeed achieved Vision 2020, culminating in the break-up of a birthday bash? Will this country, one-time global champion of anti-apartheid, be applauded at the United Nations for its new role as champion of anti-clean elections?

One doesn't need any public order guidelines to see that the group comprised harmless people of considerable education, refinement and intellect who displayed concern as responsible citizens by exercising their right in the most peaceful, civil and considerate manner to share a common voice on a matter that underpins the foundation of this country - election by honest methods of good people guided by the very principles of fair conduct that in fact are the symbols of good enforcement. Obviously, dazzled by the lights, the platoon forgot that.

The BN government should bow down to the ground that there are still people in the shackled state of this nation who can still find in their hearts a small hope that truth, justice and fair process will prevail. The vigil was to inspire the nation to that ideal. The last one checked, this country was formed by the forefathers on ideals of democracy and fair play. What has happened to those ideals today? Gone with the wind, ah?

If the gathering had bad intentions, would they have announced in advance the event? Did they look like anarchists? Were they armed? Did they taunt? Was anyone even discomfited by them?

The government should instead be protecting them all the way and applauding them for being concerned citizens.

By doing what it had done, and not doing what it should have done, the abiding conclusion now is that it is alright in this country to overlook crass bullyism because that serves the purpose of creating the tension that in turn creates the reason for the government to step in and stop whatever expression that it considers prejudicial against its own chances in the next election.

Thereby confirming their tactic is just a sham and sheer hypocrisy.

Governments in their right minds should not only protect citizens but also protect the citizens' effort to protect the foundation upon which good governments are formed. If a government can't even do this properly, what is it for? To organize national day parades?

When did 'merdeka' become 'derhaka'?

zewt said...

i've told masterwordsmith, initially i tot she was a man... the courage she showed put us all to shame.

Male Crankster said...

If u are still angry, let me give you an orgasm for RM100.00 per pop. Yes? No? Be cool.....hehehe

Crankster said...

Deep in thought, Knights?

Masterwordsmith, it was good to talk to you. I think you deserve everything I said about you and probably more.

Glad you're ok, and I hope 28 Nov turns out well for you.

Walla, they'd gatecrash a birthday party alright. They have no morals and conscience, like animals. The hypocrisy is overwhelming, especially the way they use religion for their own interests.

Zewt, I think she displayed tremendous courage indeed.

Antares said...

Very sweet, Cranky. How nice to have a friend like you :-)

I see Umno as a throbbing, haemorrhoidal sphincter - infected & inflamed by years of unhealthy eating, unhygienic thought patterns, and irregular bowel movement. The condition can be cured - but only on one condition, i.e, Umno gets honest and renames itself 'Union of Morons, Nincompoops & Oligarchs' (and those come in every color of the rainbow, not just turdy brown :-)!

Patricia said...

Yup, Cranky, Paula is someone who walked the talk. And yup, she puts us all to shame.

I am another who is proud to call her my friend.



So, have you met this guy she's setting you up with? ;)