Sunday, 25 January 2009

Support Paula Khoo!

I'm impressed to note that there will be a candlelight vigil even tonight, when most Chinese would be having their reunion dinner.

This vigil will protest police brutality, the ISA and the Israeli-Palestinian violence in Gaza.

But there's one person I'd like to bring to attention, and that is Paula Khoo.

I first met Paula in person during one of the candlelight vigils at the field opposite Amcorp Mall. Actually I met her before that as I picked her up at another location and we drove together to attend the vigil.

Not one for being passive, she had a dream which she pursued in spite of her fears.

Paula went back to Penang (where she comes from) and helped organise one there. She led the crowd with a freedom song, which evidently gained her recognition in the eyes of the police.

She was arrested quietly, right after the crowd had dispersed.

Since then, she has been harrassed by the police and even hackers on her blog.

They want her to report to the Pattani Police Station on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year. I emailed her recently and this is what she wrote back:

My case is coming up on Jan 28th wed morning at 8.30am. hope it will be dropped cos it has been most stressful...
do pray for me...

I'm certainly praying for you, Paula. I wish I could do more than that, by coming out to support you.

But I'm abroad again. Too far to come back.

I beseech you to support Paula on my behalf.


masterwordsmith said...

My dear Crankster,

Thanks dear sister for this post. I am deeply touched by your compassion, love, concern and prayers...

It is new year's eve. I should be happy but I am sitting in front of my pc and wondering and wondering endlessly.

All I can do is to pray and to trust God and believe that my life is in His hands....

I know you will be there with me, spirit and in my heart. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

hugs and much love,

Antares said...

The joke is on the PDRM & the Potatohead Gestapoman. How macho is it to attempt to intimidate & harass & punish a totally decent tuition teacher who's a shining example of a good citizen? Know that the laws of Instant Karma are now fully engaged. Each & every action Umno/BN takes against the rakyat via the PDRM will rebound on them a thousandfold!

I shall certainly be with Paula Khoo in spirit - for she represents ALL DECENT MALAYSIANS. And if I were living closer I would be physically there to see her overcome her own fear & triumph over the forces of darkness.

Anonymous said...

Puala, you are not alone. All the decent, God-fearing, law-abiding citizens will you either in person or in spirit. Down with the 'bullying blues' especially their corrupt, evil 'higher ups'

angela ooi

Patricia said...

Hey Cranky,

I wrote her and said basically the same thing: hang in there, and hope all is well.

I'd meant to send a CNY wish, but really, what's there to celebrate for her? Right now, at least.

I'm not the praying kind, so I've been lighting a candle for her and sending out good karma into the universe. That blessings alight on her and that this so-unnecessary nightmare ends.

To say this riles me doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. I second what Antares says, and ask: surely there are 'real' crimes out there to better engage our police and the court system?


-naga- said...

All the criminals of the country are having a field day out there, but seems to me that the police has only balls to show their powers to people like Paula, Kugan and the likes.

Hang in there Paula, and justice will prevail!