Friday, 30 January 2009

When People Think The Police Are Doing Their Job

I don't know why I'm surprised. After all, they say there's an idiot born every minute. I guess while I accept that fact, perhaps I don't expect the idiot in question to thrust his sorry self to my face - not once, but twice!!

So of course, I had to look through his site, where I saw him declare confidently, that the "police are doing their job"!! And I thought I had seen it all.

The truth is, Crankymaddog is not unique. There are hundreds of Malaysian Chinese like him, who believe that they "make the best of [their] lives". This paragraph sums up his outlook on life:

We work for our living, we don't cause trouble, avoid crime and make the best of our lives in Malaysia. Not like Indians. Get involved in crime, have massive protests and threaten the government and the police.

You'd think he'd know when to shut up, but evidently not.

I think suspects shouldn't be "dead" after questioning. But I think the police have to be tough against criminals.

You see, the last time I checked, the job of a cop was to go out, collect evidence, take down statements, interrogate the suspect and present all evidence in court to put criminals behind bars.


Believe it or not, I don't like having my car stolen, especially since I paid big bucks for it. I want the police to do their job.

But I don't believe that a *suspect* of car theft should ever be tortured to the extent of those injuries. It's not an Indian issue, it's a humanitarian one.

No one deserves that.

I honestly don't believe Crankymaddog means any malice. He's just simple-minded. And like so many other Chinese, he suffers severe shortsightedness as described in this brilliant article that just hits the nail.

One just needs to read the denials in the form of enraged comments to know how true it is. But it's probably written by a Chinese man, because it takes an insider (even if he calls himself Michael Chick) to have that kind of spot-on observations.

Michael Chick somehow bucked the system. The sorry education system that is destined to keep us perpetually short-changing ourselves by making dumb ah-lian remarks like "Bersyukurlah, HINDRAF…Look At The “Slaves” In India…".

Yep. Be thankful, Malaysia, that we are also better than Burma. The less intelligent members of the Chinese community would have applauded with pride, but unfortunately, the attendees of that particular forum were highly educated.

But why do I bring up short-sightedness as the Chinese' greatest weakness? Because they live for the present and genuinely expect that life would never change. People like that almost fascinate me.

Crankymaddog justifies the murder of suspected criminals by police, saying, "what do you think of the victims, the ones that got raped, murdered, and beaten up - do they not deserve mercy? What if they are your kids? your wife, your parents? yourself?"

It's a good question, except Crankmaddog doesn't have enough insight to get to the root of the problem.

Fortunately, Azly Rahman does, as he speaks of justice and compassion for those who are driven to crime.

Solve the plight of Malaysian Indians, politics and rhetorics thrown aside.

Poverty, alienation, marginalization, criminalization, dehumanization, degradation, and oppression of the Malaysian Indians must stop. We cannot continue to Palestinize them.

The problem with minding your own business is that eventually, someone else's business becomes yours when times are bad. When people are driven to crime. In good times, your wealth is yours. In bad times... need I elaborate? Forget about petty criminals, the governments are worse.

But that's the whole big picture. Do you know why Asians flock like a herd of cows to migrate to western countries?

Because they have a system of right and wrong - not necessarily perfect, but they don't allow their governments to dictate terms to them. They stick to their beliefs, and they care about the next person instead of watching out solely for themselves.

They are outraged when their fundamental rights are violated. They riot if the police brutalise their citizens.

Now if we could provoke a better sense of outrage, regardless of race or creed, then we can see this nation going somewhere. Don't start thinking this post is dedicated to bashing Chinese.

There were a bunch of (presumably highly educated ones) folks who, after their New Year reunion dinner, went out to protest police brutality, ISA and Palestine at a candlelight vigil.

Now that's a whole new level of dedication and civic-mindedness which I'd never have expected from Malaysians. That's like ... DAMN!!!

Moments like these are when I'm proud to be Malaysian, even if I'm aware that there are fools who think the police are doing their job.

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bluesailor said...

well said, right on the dot.

Covert_Operations'78 said...

I had to laugh at Michael Chick's article. Such venom and self-righteous hatred! Makes me wonder if his wife ran away with a Chinaman. Frankly, I know him by association and what we know of him isn't nice. Nuff said.

Simple-mindedness isn't limited to people of any particular ethnicity. Simple-mindedness, IMHO, is a conscious decision. You choose not to know. You choose not to care. You choose to believe that the Government will make the right decision for the governed. You choose to think you're doing the best for yourself and your loved ones. It's a largely middle class thing, not a racial thing.

"Suspected criminals" -- that's the right expression. Spot on. The Indians have been disenfranchised and persecuted in Malaysia for so long that I think it is in the PDRM handbook to detain and manhandle any Indian man as long as they think they can get away with it. My housemate Jake is half Indian and gets stopped by the police each time he drives alone after midnight (on the way back from a party or work or a friend's place, largely sober) but not when me or my housemate (his Chinese girlfriend) is in the car with him. WTF is this supposed to mean, an Indian man alone spells trouble, but if he is with a Chinese or Melayu, he's probably an alright fella?

It's high time we professionalise the police force. Cull the corrupt, racist, criminally-inclined and violence-inclined ones. Better a smaller and stronger police force than a large ineffectual one.

Just my two sen's worth.


Anonymous said...

Keling boleh pegi mampos!!! Bunuh keling!!!

Anonymous said...

Keling boleh pegi mampos!!! Bunuh keling!!!

Anonymous said...

Keling boleh pegi mampos!!! Bunuh keling!!!

Pendekar Ramlee said...

Awak ni bodoh!!! Bangsat!!!

Anda pernah bertanya "Mengapakah orang keling berkulit hitam?"

Tuhan buatkan mereka berkulit hitam sebagai amaran kepada umat kita semua - yang orang India ini adalah orang yang tidak baik sama sekali.

Mereka adalah orang jahil, seperti binatang buas dan perlu di awasi dan di pukul selalu untuk mengingkatkan mereka supaya berkelakuan baik dan tidak sebagai binatang buas.

Orang India jahat, mereka hitam kerana mereka jahat. Terutama sekali orang lelaki india. Harus dihapuskan sama sekali.

Lanyak keling!!!

-naga- said...

Pendekar Ramlee,

Thank you for that insight. If it wasn't for you, I would have been clueless to connect Indians (yang berkulit hitam, mind you) to being "jahat".

Thank you for that insight, I feel enlightened now. And oh by the way, I flagged your blog! Cheers!

-naga- said...

Crankster, the person whose blog you blogged abt is such a sissy that he disabled the comments on his blog.

I don't think we should even highlight people of such lowness, since it just degrades normal people.

Crankster said...

CO78, I don't know who Michael Chick is. But I think his observations are succinct, even if unkind.

No, you're absolutely right, simple-mindedness is not limited to a particular ethnicity at all. I think middle-class Indians are even worse than Chinese, except none came into my face telling me that the police were indeed doing their job by beating up.

Crankster said...

Naga, obviously he has an opinion but is afraid to have people disagree with him.

He has even withdrawn his blog. I find that amusing!

Anonymous said...

It's funny that those with an IQ below the national average join the police force; the very people responsible for law and order.

Society is a strange place...

zewt said...

hmmm... that cranky blog fella disabled his blog. maybe he was paid to write such (highly possible) and his contract has ended. hah!

Patricia said...


This comments section is even better than the original post! Yay!

I agree that there is so much going on here with Kugan's death, and on so many levels it boggles my mind to even begin to list it all down.

My son is the same age as Kugan. Although he's half chinese, he doesn't look it. When he is with his friends, they look like a bunch of bloody gangsters: all muscley and loud, with earrings and attitude to boot.

Every time he left the house with his buddies, I'd pray he'd come home safely. He did, often at 2 and 3 in the morning, and to steal CO78's phrase 'largely sober'!

But that's youth, isn't it? But I worried that they'd all be arrested because someone didn't like their faces or their indianness, although half of his friends are chinese.

So this is not a race thing at all. But I see it so becoming one. And that moron here who 'enlightened' Naga (btw, good one, Naga! hahahah) seems to be telling us it is!

Nothing happens here without it becoming a race thingy - and so, cannot be discussed because it is 'sensitive' and could upset someone. Yah right.

Did you read Mahaguru's posting of a letter by a so-called 'Indian lady' saying she was happy Kugan was dead? It is worth a read. And she tells us more about herself than she realises, poor soul.

That's if she really exists. I do believe she is a 'front' for some moron who just wants to stir the embers and relight a fire that's so waiting to burn out of control.


Crankster said...

Ampangdude, joining the police force is about power. That is why people join RELA (which is voluntary). And those who are attracted to it are people who are losers in all other aspects of life.

Which is why I believe that policemen should be paid higher and have better perks so that the force will attract better quality.

But even before that happens we need to wipe out the scourge that is UMNO because nothing can or will change before that.

Crankster said...

Zewt, somehow I don't think there was any other agenda but his own. He wanted people to read his blog because he thought what he wrote was right, but freaked out when someone actually gave an opinion on it.

Crankster said...

Pat, I know! I even had the infamous Pendekar Ramlee pay me a visit! :) I found his comments hysterical, though MIC lodged a police complaint. They would.

But the difference is, the ones in the post are genuine opinions of a man who isn't malicious in nature - that's just what he thinks. And that's what scares me.

I read Mahaguru's blog to see what that letter was about. I've that before in a yahoogroup called United Malaysian Indian Club or UMIC. That's also where the original analysis from Dr Sreedharan came from.

But yes, that letter shows up the character of the woman rather than trash Kugan.

Antares said...

Cranky, you are a robust, reassuringly human soul with a laser intelligence and a rapier tongue to match. Just reading some of your more impassioned posts can be so therapeutic. Reminds me it's all been totally worthwhile...

Anyway, I look forward to the day our orbits intersect!

As for Kugan's cruel, untimely death at the hands of uniformed brutes... it's a complex issue but at the very core we are prompted to reassess why patriarchal societies are so obsessed with PUNISHING & SCAPEGOATING. Authoritarian fathers generally produce sons who are either bullies (like their dad) or sissies (mama's boys). And when these bullyboy sons turn to "crime" the fathers, in a fit of shame, would rather flay them alive than look in the mirror and wonder how their progeny turned out that way.

Rox said...

How are you holding up, Crankster? Hope you're still enjoying the snow, heh.

GobloKing said...

Must be the air Crank love!

We are experiencing more than our usual share of Morons & Retards

I just do NOT understand how ppl who seems to have grown up in the same environment much like us, have so much Hate & Racsism in them

But u know I am not as democratic as you. :)

I dont mind peeps slam me but if they do not respect the sanctity of my blog ie respect religion, race, color & gender, I just obliterate the comments.

Crankster said...

Ah. You're too sweet, Antares. Interesting observation of authoritarian fathers.

Rox, it hadn't snowed all that much. I still have no issues with the weather.

Gobloking, I pity those with hate and racism in them. It hurts them more than it does me.

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