Thursday, 11 June 2009

Arrest Me - I Am Wearing Black!

I was wondering why Haris Ibrahim was keeping a low profile. I should have known better - he was busy hatching out a new plan.

And heck, this is quite a statement to be making!

This initiative (as far as I know) was started by Wong Chin Huat, who subsequently got arrested for urging people to wear black on a designated day.

Since then, the colour black has become synonymous with political protest - at least in Malaysia. And yes, our nation can rightfully be termed as 1BLACKMalaysia, unless we stand up and make a difference.

Of course, this begs the question: Are we inviting to be arrested?

Even I, the rabid political activist wannabe, stopped short as seeing this t-shirt. It's bold and daring. And I can imagine it might be just a tad intimidating to see crowds of people walking about in it.

Just like Old Town White Coffee might be feeling just a bit of trepidation at involuntarily "hosting" the gathering of activists.

According to Lulu, two of its (Old Town) outlets have closed ostensibly for ‘upgrading’. It's the easiest way of avoiding a sticky situation - by closing down.

Because frankly, I can imagine the government coming down quite hard on Old Town for what will be seen as their "association" with political activists against the ruling coalition.

Of course, Old Town White Coffee can't turn away patrons for no reason beyond their choice of dress, but as an establishment with franchises throughout the country, it will be a difficult situation, nevertheless.

No matter. They will one day be hailed for being part of the change that is soon to come.


Whatmeworry said...

I agree with you Crankshaft. Our police force seems to be working overtime with all these unnecessary arrests while the Mat Rempits are roaming our streets and doing more harm to the ordinary folks.

I have a black T-shirt which says "No to ISA", I guess if I were to wear that in Ipoh esp, surely the police would come for me.

masterwordsmith said...

Frankly, I think many of the boys in blue are closet metal fans and cannot stand the sight of people in black T-shirts. LOL!!!

Now, the situation is bordering madness and I hope that sanity will be restored soon...

Take care dear Crankster..


zewt said...

the owner of old town... sigh...

Crankster said...

I have a bright safron No to ISA t-shirt too, whatmeworry. I wonder what'll happen if I wear it. The government is determined to control our thoughts and actions.

masterwordsmith, it is madness indeed.

zewt, who actually owns The Old Town chain, I wonder..?

Tiger said...

The police should know better what to do, rather than to bother with innocent people wearing black.
They should keep in mind what Victor Hugo said,
"not even an army can stop an idea whose time has come"

walla said...

Crankster said...

Victor Hugo - I think the time is near.

Walla - I've never heard that Johnny Cash song, but the lyrics were so apt. We share the same reasons for wearing black.

Antares said...

Even more radical than this T-shirt would be a special edition signed by Salleh Ben Joned that screams:


That's exactly what Salleh used to enjoy doing especially during Ramadhan. He'd sit conspicuously at some al fresco bak kut teh outlet slurping at his pork rib soup and each time he spotted a polis patrol car he'd yell, "Arrest me, arrest me!" Polis don't like dealing with mad people, so they always left Salleh unmolested.

Crankster said...

Antares, I like Salleh already. :)