Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Original Ways Of Saving A Relationship...

... or fleecing the taxpayer of his money.

A friend brought this to my attention.

It appears that Terengganu is offering free second honeymoons to couples on the brink of divorce.

No kidding.

At a tender young age (okay fine, I was 20), I clerked in a law firm in my unyielding quest to earn more money and consequently take over the world.

The name of the law firm shall not be disclosed for fear of having them file defamation suits against me.

But one of my sacrosanct duties involved sending out letters and drafting out affidavits for various cases. Some of those cases included divorce matters.

It was then on one hazy and traffic-jam laden day where I discovered that divorce and relationships (and reconciliation) is not as simple as it sounds.

According to Malaysian procedure, counselling is necessary in a last ditch attempt to patch things up before signing on the dotted line.

Based on my observation, "counselling" did not offer a brighter future. Not for 2 people hell-bent on seeing the last of each other.

I suspect taking a 3 day holiday (together) isn't going to cut it either.

But the resort in which they will stay belongs to somebody. And that somebody - possibly a crony - stands to profit.

I believe that's what this brilliant idea of a second honeymoon is all about.

So much for family values.


Think & Create said...

Most of the time, when the cases have reach the court, there is very little hope for reconciliation.

Reconciliation should be done in the very beginning of a strained relationship, not when the fabric has been shredded.

Besides, you never work on a marriage when its breaking. You work on it every single day. Just like tying your shoe lace.

Antares said...

I think the odds are about 50-50 whether the bedsheets at that second honeymoon resort get stained by blood or lovejuices...

bayi said...

BN related schemes are ever so transparent, aren't they? LOL!

Patricia said...

How sad is this, ah? Schemes and themes on the same formula abound. And there's a common thread, I find. Besides the fact that someone will get very rich, literally screwing with our money!

Richard Loh said...

Take the poll:

Is UMNO A Racist Party

Anonymous said...

if i were one of those couples offered this deal, hell yeah i'll take it. A state sponsored holiday and no obligation to stay married... i'm sure i could talk my soon to be ex husband into it..

Anonymous said...

How sad - when marriage institution, family unit and moral values such as integrity, accountability, ethics and honesty are compromised because certain quarters are bent on getting a bigger piece of the cake due to nothing but sheer greed.

Well, we can't blame them or touch them cos they learnt it from the top!

Crankster said...

How true, K. It's impossible to fix in 3 days what should have been done everyday for 3 years.

Antares - I'm placing my bets on blood stains (and not the ones that come from ... you know).

Bayi - fortunately for us, yes they are. Unfortunately for BN, they're not quite smart enough to keep it looking legitimate.

Pat - Just for the sake of creativity, I wish someone would teach them how to be more subtle.

Anon - I'm not married, but why don't I get hitched to get a free holiday with no obligations? :P

Paula - And they talk about weeding out corruption when it is woven into the very moral fibre of UMNO.

G-Daddy said...

LOL. I know lots of troubled relationships that would still cash in on a free trip. That would never work in my land of extreme capitalism