Thursday, 25 February 2010

Vilifying The Chinese

I am incensed.

Not because some ultra-religious wannabe has identity issues.

Not because this sanctimonious fool tries to push his brand of religion down everyone else's throat.

Not even because he is insensitive enough to rub salt in the wounds of a grieving family.

I am furious because this sick son-of-a-b!tch attempts to vilify the entire Chinese race by cementing what the PM's aide Nasir Safar first claimed - that the Chinese are merely drunkards, gamblers and prostitutes.

Now, as every self-respecting Malaysian knows, there are heaps of derogatory Chinese jokes out there.

And the Indians and Malays do complain about the Chinese drive and ambition - some valid and some misplaced. I personally have complained that the Chinese in DAP are too sinocentric.

But I have a friend who is a journalist for the mainstream media. She has been involved in a lot of donation drives.

She tells me that some of the most generous people out there are the Chinese, a huge faction of which have donated requesting anonymity.

These Chinese are not doing it for publicity or political mileage. They are genuinely nice individuals concerned about the welfare of others.

So if anyone else tries to make the Chinese look like immoral people, may the fleas of a thousand Afghan camels infest his crotch and may his arms grow too short to scratch it.


Anonymous said...

this dogtor does !

Antares said...

I make it a point to vilify only the vile.

walla said...

For someone who's supposedly learned and faithful, compassion is alien to him.

The child is already born, what more fatherless under the most distraught circumstances to the mother and yet this so-called academician talks as if he is a saintly know-all.

He should have been asked what is his solution for children born out of wedlock. Drown them in the nearest river so as not to sully his self-vaunted quest for social purity of a society whom he imagines thinks highly of him? What delusion is he suffering from today?

And what are his credentials for mounting his high horse? If he's so great, he should have taken upon himself to raise a fund for the child's future.

But that would be expecting too much of someone who can ask that an innocent baby be deprived of relation to its natural father whom it will never ever know.

Instead of doing something positive to requite society's grievous deed on an innocent family, he goes about slandering even an infant. Let his own children one day ask him what he has done today.

This tee fella is nothing but a pompous bully thinking he is doing great championing morality but what we all see is a bigoted idiot who having a new name of his own wants to take out his own psychological inadequacy on a newborn who cannot yet ask him what's the real reason behind his warped logic.

Really, he takes the cake for stupidity and callousness.

May all his hair lotions remove the rest of his patch. There's nothing to applaud about what's underneath it, anyway.

I am walla and i am pissed. I give one and all license to send this to him. May he chew on it on his next azan.

This country is full of dickheads.

donplaypuks® said...

Racists come in all shapes and hues.

But a Chinese who thinks he can change his DNA by converting to another religions and then claim to speak for the Malays?

Ridhuan Tee. This is your life - racist scumbag!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

NO, dia bukan Chinese in animal-kingdom !

Anonymous said...


Old Fart said...

OMG, how can you place such a curse on anyone? Well....err....wouldn't chop off their dicks be more kind for instance? Not being able to scratch!! Er...I just can't imagine that!!

Anyway, wouldn't completely ignoring the vile be better than elevating them with space and time spent on them? These jerks after all do get it off every time they see anything on them anyway.

This sicko is nothing but..and really he's like the dirt on my jandals. just brush it off when I go home.