Sunday, 23 May 2010

BUM 2010 And "Fights" Breaking Out

I obviously picked the right session to show up for the BUM 2010 event yesterday.

You know how I thrive on controversy.

Controversy was exactly what I got in the form of P. Uthayakumar, founder of HINDRAF, and now Secretary General (pro tem) of Human Rights Party (HRP) who even obligingly concluded that "bloggers have all become victims of sectarianism and ethnocentrism" in Malaysia.

HRP has positioned itself as a party focused on fighting for Indian rights. It seems a bit rich to accuse everyone else of being sectarian or ethnocentric.

However, it is evident that Uthaya and HRP do not have exclusive monopoly on controversy. Malaysiakini appears to want a slice of the pie as well - at least it certainly appears that way, based on the overly sensationalised article on the event.

Fight? Please, it wasn't a fight by a long shot. Perhaps a heated exchange, a fiery dialogue or a number of other descriptions. But fight?? What is Malaysiakini trying to prove?

N.Ganesan (HRP advisor) refutes the description in Malaysia Today, claiming (perhaps unfairly) that Malaysiakini slants news as much as Utusan does.

But perhaps Malaysiakini should consider impartial reporting instead of playing up to the gallery like it has in this case.


Anonymous said...

Hindarf tells the truth , the polictics on both sides can't stand the real truth.Sorry,there is no more trust in Malaysia.

donplaypuks® said...

Yeah, I was there and there was no fight.

All that happened was that Haris Ibrahim got a bit emotion with Uthayakumar's continuous reference to the plight of Indians.

Haris felt that as a Human Rights Party, Uthay should have been talking about all M'sians and their civil rights. I suppose it will take some time for Uday to get weaned off his "Hindraf" mindset!!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Antares said...

Just read Regina Lee's report on BUM 2010. Understandably her focusing on the impassioned discussion of communalism and ethnocentrism made for a bit of drama - and that's what reporters are trained to zoom in on. Apart from that, the piece didn't strike me as being overly sensationalistic. Part of me would like to engage with these public fora - but another part finds linear thought processes on the semantic level utterly pedestrian and unbearably tedious. I could never be a lawyer!

Pat said...

I have to agree with Haris, though, as I see what he's saying.

And DPP is right: You can't call yourself a human rights party, and then just be filled with angst for just one of the human races!

The poor and disenfranchised of all races here in Malaysia need to be heard.

Anonymous said...

dpp and pat are the type of people who saddles horses all the time,so they only see things high up!.

And see how antares is defending regina lee ,smack of double standard.I am not surprise by the behaviour of these people.

shar101 said...

Anon (23:41),

Your rebuttal reflect on your true self i.e. a latent bigot still in hiding.

And your typographical 'signature' matches Anon (00:05).

That makes you a serial bigot, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with you? What bigot? So,now people who have different views than you ,are consider bigots?.

I see the same umno mentality in your response to me.Regarding malaysiakini ,Helen ang has explain the real situation.You bloggers are becoming more arrogant and one sided.And the expression freedom is totally gone.

And in the future shar,please try not to be clever.It just show your own narrow thinking.

Anon 23.41

shar101 said...

Anon (23:41 & 18:46),

And what you wrote earlier is not considered 'narrow-minded' hence bigoted?

Helen may have her opinion and I was at the BUM event when the verbal riposte occured.

Where were you?

Anonymous said...

You mean this statement:
"dpp and pat are the type of people who saddles horses all the time,so they only see things high up!."

you call that a bigot statement?All i said is dpp and pat are on their pedigree horses when commenting on Hindraf and indian issues.

There was no racial slur or foul words in my comments.My opinion is valid.It's a two way street in life.Everyone has their own perspective on complex issues.If you think i am bigot from expressing such opinion ,so be it.I am not going to pull my hair on this.

I trust Helen ang opinion on this matter.If you want to pick a fight,i suggest you go to rocky bru blog and have a go with his faithfull readers.I have things to do.

yours faithfully,
Anon 23.41

Crankster said...

DPP - I believe Haris has a point when he says Uthaya is communalist and ethnocentric.

Antares - perhaps because I was present and witness to the events, I am disappointed. The HRP guys have tunnel vision when it comes to ethnic Indian issues. However, I don't feel they were fairly represented.

Pat - I agree with Haris too. HRP is going directly along the lines of MIC, except MIC does jack sh!t while HRP is trying to save the world. I mean, Malaysian-Indians.