Saturday, 12 February 2011

All Students Abroad May Vote

A while back, MyOverseasVote brought to light the issue of voting rights for Malaysians living abroad.

Now the election commission has reversed their stand under pressure (I have trouble believing that the embassies and high commissions acted on their own initiative).

However, this does not include Malaysians living and working overseas - only students.

PETALING JAYA, Feb 11 — The Election Commission (EC) has instructed the Foreign Ministry to allow all full-time students abroad to vote at overseas missions, said its deputy chairman Datuk Wira Wan Ahmad Wan Omar today.

Wan Ahmad said today that Malaysian embassies and high commissions had not acted legally in only allowing government-sponsored students to vote as there is no law barring privately-sponsored students from registering and casting their votes.

“Under the constitution, we cannot deny the rights to vote by eligible Malaysians. So, our number one focus is our students abroad, no matter whether they are students [sponsored] by the private sectors or government-financed students. We have informed the Malaysian embassies,” he said.

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