Thursday, 14 April 2011

CSI NY, LV And Miami, You Can Take A Hike Now

There is nothing the Malaysian police can't do!! They can solve any mystery, any crime, any puzzle that besieges the Malaysian public.

They are awesome crime scene investigators, dammit!!!

That is especially if it involves s0domy or s3x, which is their prime area of expertise.

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have sufficient evidence to identify the man in the s3x video implicating an opposition leader, Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said Thursday.

He added that investigations into the video were expected to be completed next week.

"We are now ascertaining, who is the owner of the (Omega) watch handed to the police," he told reporters here.

I mean, seriously - who cares if Mongolian models get blown up, children get kidnapped and murdered, or houses get burgled and ransacked??

That's not important at all. Why should those be investigated and solved?

What's really important is that we, the Malaysian public, get to find out who stars in dodgy videos.

Aren't you proud of our police now?


STEEST said...

I shared this on Facebook because it puts things in perspective.

Thanks so much for this post.


Joshua Lopez said...

A Bunch Of Scumbags that bring international shame to Malaysia! My God! Having to use the IGP for such a case?!!!

Crankster said...

You're welcome, Lita. Hugs back at you.

Joshua Lopez - forget the IGP, having to use the police for such a trivial matter!