Thursday, 16 June 2011

Anonymous Appear To Have Succeeded

Looks like the official government site is still experiencing a DOS - denial of service - because I've tried a number of times and I still can't access it.

I saw that other government websites (like the one for tourism) have been defaced as well. This is certainly not the doing of Anonymous, who have planned a DDOS, not a defacing of the site.

Anonymous have a reputation for keeping to their word.

It's possible that other hackers have decided to ride the huge wave of publicity brought on by Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

GREAT... now it will cost them another million to get it working again!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Cranky

I'm afraid I have to beg to differ here. I don't support the hacker attacks. There should be rule of law.

The other side plays dirty but the progressive side shouldn't. Otherwise, we debase ourselves to their level.
Remember Nelson Mandela and his inspiring actions? (I finally got to watch the movie "Invictus" and I must say that my admiration for him has increased even more).

Phua Kai Lit

Antares said...

Most hackers are below the age of 30 - young enough to be able to sniff out the shit from the shinola. They wouldn't bother attacking the Malaysian government unless they feel totally pissed off. UMNO/BN is pretty damn good at pissing off decent people. Indeed, that may be their only real talent.

Crankster said...

Kay - no doubt!

Phua Kai Lit - I understand where you're coming from, and I absolutely demand high standards from Pakatan Rakyat, if they are to be the next government.

However, hacking by Anonymous is a form of protest. In many fascist regimes, the people are afraid of the government. In this case, defacing websites or hacking into them is a way of showing the common citizen that his government is not untouchable or infallible.

Being an extremist, I would have preferred if the hackers had hit where it really hurt, like ministers' bank accounts. But I am willing to settle for a denial of service to a website I didn't even know existed until Anonymous publicised it.

Antares - you're right. The whole idea of hacking is to express anger and dissatisfaction with the way people are being treated.