Thursday, 16 June 2011

Anonymous Unleashes 'Operation Malaysia'

These hacktivists are pretty good in what they do. So when they announce that they're going to hack into some site, I fully believe them.

After all, these guys have done in Mastercard, PayPal and the rest of the big leagues for refusing service to whistle-blower site Wikileaks.

Speaking of Wikileaks, I was shocked to note that I no longer can access their archives. Only a couple of weeks ago, I was happily browsing for new bits of information about our idiotic government.

Then, work started picking up and I didn't have the time to look through Wikileaks. Before I knew it - BANG!!! It was banned by the ruling coalition that calls itself our government.

So I support the effort by Anonymous in hacking into the official portal and dishing out a denial of service (meaning that no one can access that site) in revenge of the government censorship of WikiLeaks.

However, I can't see it being a big deal (except for humiliation and bad publicity for the government). I don't think many people log on to that site anyway!

If you're curious about whether it will really happen, feel free to check it out yourself.

Date/Time: 15 June 2011 at 1930 GMT (or 3:30am Malaysian time on Thurs, 16 June 2011)

And let me know! :-)

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Anonymous said...

NO, tak dapat masuk !!

Anonymous said...

see here la .. kena kao kao...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon 5:22.
These guys are good! Salute!
Millions down the drain, what's the use of APCO?

Anonymous said...

Memang tak dapat masuk...
Rasa conflicted sebab seronok dgn apa yang diorang dah buat walaupun tahu salah...
Who told the govt to ban all those filesharing sites???!!!

Anonymous said...

the gov site is a useless piece of shit, i do wish there is something better like hacking into the server of tmnet or wimax to fuck up the whole country for one day. I'm malaysian, i'm willing to sacrifice my one day of intaneto.

Anonymous said...

do u like ppl to make rules to govern u without your approval?

do u like ppl to tell u what to do n that wat ever that they decide upon u is good?

do u feel that u r losing out your rights n your leaders r telling u because of the other races taking it from u?

do u feel that in certain ways u have no rights at all n u put your choices based on group pressure?

have u ever wonder if the govt shud fear you or you fear the govt? do you know how many of them in the govt n how many of u citizens? wats the ratio can u imagine?

why is the lesser few so powerful over the many?

what is democracy?

what kind of democracy am i looking at here?

and what are you? are you a live stock thats being herded around or are a human?

i think its time for you to wake up.