Thursday, 2 June 2011

I believe in us — Phua Kai Lit

In spite of the many things that are wrong with Malaysia today — e.g. the decay of our political institutions and the greatly coarsened state of our political discourse and deplorable public policies which are threatening to turn us into a Nigeria-type “failed state” — there is still hope that Malaysia can change for the better.

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Anonymous said...

This moron is a sinocentric and a singapore lover.ignoring the wrong doing of the lky government, shows no credibility what so ever.pointless ..

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous

I am "sinocentric" and a
"Singapore lover"?

Suggestion: read my writings on

I am a "moron"?

Response: So how did this "moron" get his PhD from a well-known US university? I certainly didn't buy it and it certainly is not an
honorary PhD.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

well, moron you sure have a big ego to means squat to real people on the ground and do continue to live in your pretentious world .

Crankster said...

It's a bit cowardly to be attacking someone under the guise of anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Cranky

I see it this way:

If rightists start calling you all sorts of names, it means that they fear that your message is getting through to the people.

"Anonymous",thanks for inspiring me to work harder for the cause of social democracy in Malaysia. And also thanks for inspiring me to work harder for the demise of the
kleptocratic UMNO/BN regime.


Phua Kai Lit

alfor the demise of the kleptocratic BN regime, "Anonymous"!

Anonymous said...

morons with big egos and a hypocrite.freedom of speech,reality check ,you can't have it both ways.(kleptocratic,my ass!).a sinocentric is always an egomanic boosted with a nexus of delusional superiority complex.

perhaps,you should burning your phd ,for concluding that anyone who disagree with you is a bn supporter.Ah! this how the political parties and it's supporters behave on both sides,thinking they appointed by god instead both are devils and the supporters ,demons.

Anonymous said...

a sinocentric is always an egomanic boosted with a nexus of superiority complex(just like lky).perhaps,you should burn your phd for concluding that anyone who disagree with you is a bn supporter.Ah!this is how political party and its supporters behave on both sides.truth is,both are devils and the supporters ,demons."rightists" my ass!

Joshua Lopez said...

Goodness! This Anonymous is rather shallow and shameless to be attacking someone without justification whatsoever. Rather unbecoming and cowardly.

What's wrong with Singapore anyway? In many ways they put us to utter shame and hello? I strongly feel that LKY did a fantastic job in Singapore, he laid the foundation correctly.

And you know what? It takes a bloody moron to call others so without any reasonable grounds of such blatant attack! Seriously, You Are A Very Sick Person.