Monday, 30 May 2011

Stories Start Here

It just occurred to me that the Australian tabloid's tagline was "Stories start here."

I figured Utusan Malaysia should have adopted that tagline long ago, since most of the ruckus and fiascos in Malaysia are cooked up by them in an attempt to stir up religious and racial discontent.

In fact, I'm already anticipating upcoming headlines:


(Muslims cheated by certain factions into drinking beer)

A huge picture of a bunch of Chinese men sitting around a table with beer bottles will be displayed to give a meaningful hint.

Ridhuan Tee will be moaning about the "keruntuhan moral" (moral degradation) and "gejala social" (social vices) that the ultra-kiasu are propagating against "us Malays".

Then Utusan Malaysia will proceed to claim that the Chinese (presumably after drinking their non-halal Tiger beer) have taken over all the scholarships of Malay children and left the Malay children on the street, destitute and without future.

So far, Utusan Malaysia has been quiet about Lynas because they have been expecting their share of the spoils from the Malaysian government.

But if public sentiment against it spills over, they will somehow spin it to say that the ultra-kiasu have:

a) taken away all Malay jobs, so new ones have to be created, even if they involve dangerous, radioactive material.

b) that it was the ultra-kiasu (the Chinese) who sealed the deal between Lynas and the Malaysian government. In fact, you will probably see a Chinese dude miraculously appear to be the scape-goat.

Oh yes, this is Utusan Malaysia - where wild stories get started.


Joshua Lopez said...

Wha Lau, your malay is very good. And you article is so well said. They are facing some major personal issues with themselves whereby every race and religion is against them and really they have been programmed by UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Cranky

Utusan Malaysia is only acting on the instructions of the fascist wing of UMNO.

It's the "Volkisher Beobachter"
of Malaysia. In the case of our Malaysian Volkisher Beobachter, the
"Jews" have been replaced with "Chinese" and other so-called "pendatang"

Phua Kai Lit

Crankster said...

Yes, you're both right. Utusan Malaysia is merely a tool of UMNO.