Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Waste Of Taxpayer Funds - RM1.8m Worth Of FB Pages???

At this point, why am I surprised? UMNO has shown itself incapable of making any legitimate investments.

All they are interested in is how to line their pockets, and that of their cronies.

The RM1.8 million Tourism Malaysia Facebook applications are no exception. Everyone who is semi-retarded knows that Facebook (bless Mark Zuckerberg's little black heart) is FREE.

The applications on that page were not complicated. After all, DAP did them without costing the taxpayer or even their members anything.

What bugs me is that they don't even make a serious attempt at hiding something like that. Either they don't care, or they think the average citizen (read: voter) is really stupid.

Take this minister's explanation on why it cost so much, for example:

"These cover creative works, concepts and ideas, design, flash programming and coding, testing and debugging, uploading and launching of application, system server development and maintenance, development of database from the contest, campaign management and monitoring as well as online advertisements and fan recruitment in Facebook and Google," the deputy minister said.

Would these applications really draw in the crowds to holiday in Malaysia?

I think the government's high-handed ways of treating its citizens would repel the average foreign holiday-maker far more than the Facebook application would attract them.

As usual, this government has got all its priorities wrong.


Joshua Lopez said...

Kesian lah them, they are really 'gabra' at this point, so much so even a peaceful group like BERSIH 2.0 becomes a National Threat.

Antares said...

Remember the leaky Menangkabau roof on the Malaysian pavilion at a recent Expo in Shanghai? Another money-grubbing project initiated by Ng Yen Yen. Trying to outdo Ling Liong Sik, Mahathir, Daim and their RM12.5 billion PKFZ project?

SamyV said...

This is all normal lah! I mean in my time there was no FB,blog,twitter etc, i could easily make few billions and nobody know about it.

Now so difficult, everyone can see what happening.

Anyway just be lucky its only 1.8m of your money and not 1.8b

SV-King of Sg.Siput

Joshua Lopez said...

Honestly, MCA, MIC & Gereakan didn't have the luxury like UMNO. UMNO leaders took at least 3 times more that leaders of other BN Parties. Worst still, UMNO instills fear in order to grab and also in winning elections.

Just see how the Malay Businessman feared for the future of his business which made him sell his property to Toyol for so much lesser! This is worse than gangsterism!

Crankster said...

Joshua Lopez - don't they realise they are embarrassing themselves? Or are they too thick to notice?

Antares - I vaguely remember it, but I'm hardly surprised. Think about the reputation we advertise to the rest of the world with these silly antics, and then no need to wonder why no one wants to invest here or come for holidays.

SamyV - good thing you lost in Sg Siput then :-P

Anonymous said...

kemaluan manyak BESAR lah !

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Cranky

Another MCA politician from Pahang!

I'm from Pahang and I am sick and tired of all these MCA politicians from Pahang. Including those who support the Lynas project in Kuantan that is threatening the health of the people. (I'm a Kuantan boy too!)

They are nothing but junior partners in the UMNO/BN kleptocratic regime.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Zuckerberg : " WAT ! rm1.8million ? When have i ever charged dat huge sum
in MY invention & not even in the Ultimate fb ...600million people round the world have been using it daily FOC ...i dun take Kopi-O one !"