Saturday, 30 July 2011

Pre-Election Tactics To Woo Indians

Najib has appointed MIC president G Palanivel as a minister in the PM's department.

This has resulted in MIC jumping for joy while everyone else watches with cynical amusement.

I believe this appointment is to win support from the Indian community. This tactic would have worked in the 70s - during the days when people were simple-minded and easily manipulated.

Still, some Indians are angry over the poor treatment of the Parti Sosialis activists by the police (and by proxy the government). So Najib is trying to placate their misgivings by this appointment.

I'm sure there will be some dumbos out there who would fall for this trick.

But I think the majority of people (including the Indians) know exactly what BN stands for and have rejected it.


Donplaypuks® said...

Another gaji buta funded by poor taxpayers. All that Palani has achieved for the Indian community over the last 30 years could not fit the back of a postage stamp.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

walla said...

There are today more foreign workers than Indian Malaysians.

Consider carefully the situation in the forseeable future where only one communal voice will reign, one which practices denialism of reality.

Crankster, i need some of your engine oil to fly off this planet.

Crankster said...

DPP - I rarely hear of the man, he hasn't achieved enough to fill a postage stamp for sure.

walla - yes, the population of Indians in Malaysia is about 7.3% I think. You can have as much engine oil as you want, but I hope you have an engine to go with it. I hear the goddamn engines are being sold to dictators in South American countries.