Friday, 29 July 2011

The PSM 6 Finally Released

It's about time!!

After so many candlelight vigils, a hunger strike, some legal aid lawyers getting arrested during one of the peaceful vigils, the six activists have been released.

There was absolutely no reason for them to be detained. They were activists who were merely handing out leaflets, but their charge was "waging war against the King".

Any intelligent person can tell that these are trumped up charges to keep them away.

But after 28 days behind bars, they are finally out.

We are SO proud of those six, and the nation (save the despots) owes them a lot.

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Antares said...

I was overjoyed to hear the news.... phew... what an ordeal for them (and for all of us too)!

jugular said...

Good to see. :)

Anonymous said...

GE13 is coming soon BUT damages sudah done lah !!