Friday, 11 November 2011

No To Overseas Malaysian Votes

Says MCA:

Malaysians abroad are not qualified to vote because they are “out of touch” with the current state of affairs in the country, MCA told Parliament’s polls reform panel today.

The ruling Barisan Nasional’s (BN) Chinese party said its research showed most Malaysians outside the country only received information from questionable news sources, which it said may not reflect the “true situation” ongoing in the country.

“What they read about Malaysia may therefore be biased and is the wrong information. It does not give them the whole truthful picture about the ongoings [sic] in the country.

MCA certainly knows that an influx of overseas votes, especially from people like these and these and those from these 24 countries will soundly whack them to never-never land.

And they're afraid. Very, very afraid.

Read the whole thing at The Malaysian Insider.


jugular said...

That's pure Orwell speak LOL. How patronising to be told that you can't assess information for yourself as a sentient being, but need to rely on a government controlled media before you're considered suitable to exercise your voting rights.


Crankster said...


It makes my blood boil and my resolve stronger to kick them out of power.

It also makes me look down on fellow Malaysians who are too stupid to see it, and instead feel that the government must be right.

Sometimes, I am really ashamed to be Malaysian.

Joshua Lopez said...

PAS is adamant about Hudud Laws and it will result in the collapse of the Opposition Alliance Pakatan. This is a simple fact. We might as well forget kelantan and continue with the rest of Malaysia but Pakatan chooses to have PAS with them bcos of Kelantan, they will then loose Malaysia. Simple.

Now from a hung parliament which may have happened if not for PAS, we will now see a simple majority for BN.

Antares said...

@Joshua Lopez - this hudud hullabaloo is essentially a red herring (repeatedly) thrown in by UMNO to scare folks like you into rejecting Pakatan Rakyat. PAS itself is undergoing swift internal changes, with a power tussle between the conservative, monolingual, monocultural ulama and the progressive, bi- or trilingual, cosmopolitan secularists. As a party PAS has always espoused Islam as its foundation and one has to be an Islamophobe to fear PAS. While it's true that Islam as practised in Malaysia has tended, since the 1970s, to ape the theocratic Iranian pattern, it's also true that in Malaysia - as in Indonesia and many other Southeast Asian countries - bureaucrats love making up new rules, which nobody actually takes seriously. On the ground, humans as a species will always live their lives the best they can, ideology be damned. It's crucial that BN be removed from power asap. Once that has been achieved, each of us has a responsibility to ensure that the transition be as peaceful and smooth as possible. For instance, if you're a fan of Lady Gaga you're free to watch all her videos on YouTube - but if PAS Youth object to some entrepreneur trying to stage a Lady Gaga concert, we have to accommodate their quirks... at least until they outgrow their cultural taboos. I believe everyone ultimately outgrows his or her own cultural imprinting, given time and left alone to mentally develop without institutionalized indoctrination. Another example: if PAS Youth doesn't like to see people drunk on the streets (who does, truth be told?), and wants to impose restrictions on alcohol sale... well, they aren't going to stop anyone of us from imbibing as much we wish at home or in pubs (they just don't like the alcohol culture to infect too many Muslims, so if you happen to be Malay, just break free of your racial and religious programming and declare yourself a liberated human; when enough have the courage to do so, the old cultural imprints will naturally evaporate). In short, let's not allow our own fears and prejudices to get in the way of booting out BN. That is an absolute requirement if we love this country!

Joshua Lopez said...

Antares, I was filled with joy bumping into you at my favourite chinese eatery at Brickfields. The Pork Mee there is to die for!

I have nothing against Islam, infact i have studied it before and took an Islamic subject in school but the problem here is, Islam is spiraling into ultra narrow mindedness here. It's very disturbing and really it wouldn't be fare if Ah Beng is thrown to the Civil Courts & Ismail is thrown to the Hudud Courts for a similar crime, it would be a mockery to this country. I am just fed up that some bigots think that everybody, everything and anything must conform to narrow interpretations of Islam. I want my fellow Malay friends to be free as much as i want the LGBT community to be safe and protected in this country of ours. Everybody should be protected and treated equally under the Malaysian Sun.

I wish, hope & pray for a Malaysia that my late parents always told me was so united & free during the 40s right up to the late 70s. I want to experience this & I firmly believe there is hope because i see my generation of the 80s and all generations after mine very free and easy with each other, we hug and kiss and party together.

It really frustrates me when i have to get them food during fasting month bcos they are too hungry & tired to continue the fast and they fear being arrested. It frustrates me when they fear getting arrested at night spots (which did happen in Zouk not to long ago). And i fear for them when they want to be with their partners in private because they risk being arrested.

You just cannot force people to abide by Religion and invade their privacy and Islam clearly states that there should be no compulsion in religion and Islam respects Privacy. Islam has been twisted like mad in this country so much so i say it's a sin to be born a Muslim bcos the moment you are born Muslim you are forced into it till the day you die! What sort of utter bullshit is this? It's no different from the mind programming that UMNO does, it "Stupifies" the Malay Mind, it weakens the Malays, it literally makes them cacat in their brains!

Who are the Malays that are allowed to think for themselves? Only the upper class bcos they come from English educated backgrounds and their parents instill in them proper education and exposure. So they are free, bold, brilliant and mix freely.

So at the end of the day, Hudud and many other draconian Islamic Man Made Laws only encourage the "Divide & Rule" and yes it affects the entire nation in more ways than one. Why are these bunch of fanatics allowed to use Islam as a Passport to take this country backwards? This is certainly very frightening and frustrating.

There is no such thing as Hudud is just for Malays, it eventually overflows into the lives of non Malays just as robbing dead bodies of Non Muslims, converting the father of the house, converting underage children, getting into my church and having the bloody cheek to partake in Holy Communion and then spit it front of the entire congregation! Setting my Churches on fire! WTF?!!!