Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Walk For Freedom

In case you're wondering what exactly happened.

This certainly looks like far more than a thousand people on the streets.


Joshua Lopez said...

They lie about everything these days! Lies after Lies, Flip Flops Over Flip Flops! What have they done since 2008? I thought they would change but they haven't! Infact they have gone backwards to the 80s!

I bumped into Dr.M in KLCC yesterday evening, he was walking in such speed & fury, his face looked so angry like a monster and his bodyguards were running behind him bcos he was walking at such speed! I've not seen a teenager walking in such speed! This bugger just can't stop, spiraling out of control and dictating the entire government and leaders!

Antares said...

UMNO claims to have 3 million members. I believe only one-third still supports their reactionary, racist and utterly twisted ideology. Well, that leaves 27 million Malaysians who have had enough of UMNO!