Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Jangan Ketawa -- Moon And Pee

Apparently UMNO has taken great offence at the demonstrators' acts of stepping on the Prime Minister's face and mooning him and his wife.

Great offence to the extent of publishing the photos on Facebook!

KUALA LUMPUR: Police through Facebook has highlighted 11 photographs which were recorded at the "Janji Bersih" gathering at Dataran Merdeka on Aug 30.

City CID chief Datuk Ku Chin Wah said members of the public who recognised any individual in the photographs were asked to come forward to provide the information.

He said they could do so to any police officer, police station or the Royal Malaysian Police hotline at 03-20319999 or KL Police's Hotline at 03-21159999.

"They can also directly contact ASP Azmi Abd Azizi at 019-2602344," he said.

Several participants of the gathering were seen trampling on pictures of national leaders, bringing a new flag to replace the Malaysian flag and showing their buttocks in public.

There is even a police hotline for it!!!!!!

Can you believe it, ladies and gentlemen, when Malaysian children were kidnapped and murdered, there were no hotlines. But for those who show disdain for a nefarious government, a dedicated hotline!!

What a brilliant government.

The same government that has the loyal support of this bunch below:

Yes, just in case you have any doubt whatsoever, they are peeing on the image of the opposition leaders.

But hey, since those leaders belong to the wrong party, no action shall be taken against them, no hotline dedicated for people to snitch on them and get them arrested.

Ah well. Malaysia boleh.

I am posting this picture in my blog because when I was young, my parents always told me that Malaysia is a morally upright country, far more than the evil west.

I just want to tell them that they don't have to go abroad to see people of low morals.

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Fakemalaysianews said...

Yeah its pretty shameful all round. The bum dance, cow head, mock funerals all of it should not be tolerated by police.

Wouldn't it be nice if our Prime Minister encouraged proper political discourse and lead the way by attending a mature debate with his opposition counterpart to discuss policy over personalities.

Im not holding my breath...