Sunday, 30 June 2013

When It Hits Home

Being from UMNO, it is easy for one to feel invincible.

After all, any wrong-doing or crime can be explained away with the help of the right connections and elimination of the pesky elements (like Mongolian models and private investigators).

Somehow, I get the impression that Khairy isn't feeling just quite so invincible at this very moment.

He says as quoted by theStar:

Well. The high crime rate would NOT be a serious problem in our country if policemen focused on just doing their job instead of going out to bother and provoke patriotic Malaysians who want their voices to be heard on the streets.

If only policemen investigated criminals instead of sex tapes allegedly of Anwar Ibrahim.

If only policemen went out to get proper evidence instead of simply killing the suspects in custody.

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