Friday, 11 May 2007

".. Leaks Every Month"

What's that supposed to mean?


Who can take the Malaysian Parliament seriously when we have such crass village idiots reigning supreme? WHO DIED AND VOTED FOR THESE LOSERS???

Chow Kon Yeow has the original story and the outcome.

Lim Kit Siang calls it the Most Shameful Mother’s Day in nation’s history.

He's right about one thing. It's extremely shameful.

Po Kuan’s application to move a privilege motion was rejected because she hadn't immediately invoked the order.

This was because when Mohd Said and Bung Mokhtar made the vulgar, sexist and offensive remarks, DAP MPs could not hear them both because of the din and pandemonium at the time and being seated far away from the duo.

However, they were heard distinctly by reporters and other BN MPs who sat near the duo.

Po Kuan made the application immediately after reading about it in the newspapers but by then, it was too late.

So there will be no justice served for Fong Po Kuan.

Unless she follows the advice of certain parties who recommend she take off her shoes and hurl them at the two guilty donkeys.

I'd like to see that.

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