Sunday, 2 November 2008

If The World Could Vote

Make no mistake about this. I'm Malaysian - born, bred and possibly soon-to-be displaced.

And being Malaysian, an inherent trait we are all known for is being busybody. We can't help ourselves. Really.

Besides, when we *do* register and vote in our very own General Elections, we're flooded with issues pertaining to fraud like indelible ink, postal votes and of course, gerrymandering.

But wonder of wonders, there is salvation!!

Yeah baby. In the form of internet voting, where there's presumably a lower potential for fraud (considering the vote does not make an impact).

It makes you wonder what would happen, if the world could vote?

In a situation like that, how could you not click on that link and make your stand or your views known?

Especially if you're Malaysian.

I know those fingers are twitching. You know you can't resist. Click on that link. Choose your candidate and vote.

And welcome to the dark side. :)


Michelle said...

Ah.. I SO proved that I'm Malaysian. Didn't even think twice when I clicked that *evil* link. LOL

Now, if only the votes would count.

Crankster said...

I didn't hesitate either. At least we both embrace our Malaysian-ness. :)

-naga- said...

Oooo I wonder if there is a similar site for our hopeless-but-soon-to-be Pee AM.

Hmmm, would be interesting to see how all Malaysians will vote, and not just a bunch of clowns from one party.

Patricia said...

Hahaha! surprise, surprise, me toooo! I voted for Obama - not cos he's cute (but isn't he just?) but for what he seems to be promising. I'm also just fed-up with the republican crap, and Bush. I see McCain as offering more of the same, so enuf already lah.

Too bad I live here and not there - in more ways than one.


Greenbottle said...

don't mean to have a cheap publicity about my blog but i actually had a post on this issue in my blog a while back. and my vote neither goes to obama nor mcCain...but to al goldstein...

.see saturday sept 27 post.

plan bee said...

he..he...i couldn't resist!

Jarod said...

hahaah! I cast my vote! Eh, i think we have jump step le.. how come we doesn't need to register to vote!? hahaha...

My vote goes tooooo.....

Ladies and gentlemen, Undi adalah sulit! heheheheeh!

Anonymous said...

So why vote for Obama? It’s the same ..
In what way is McCain like those two? This goes in with what I’ve said, about Obama being a social experiment .. it’s all hype ..

jugular said...

Apart from the fact that Macedonia and Albania are the only 2 countries with a majority for McCain, I found the fact that 20% of Iranians (above the world average) voted for McCain to be interesting. Perhaps they just want to bring on the holocaust and reckon they stand a better chance with a redneck in power.

Also Australia and Malaysia are pretty evenly matched :)

Crankster said...

Naga, looks like most Malaysians are in favour of Obama. No prizes for guessing how many are in favour of Pak Lah.

Pat, Obama is very cute. I have a friend who's crazy about him! :) She reads virtually every news article on him. Crazy woman she is.

Obama seems to offer more instead of the same old Republican nonsense. About time they got booted out.

Greenbottle, hahaha, very funny. I knew you'd favour a pornographer above them all!

plan bee, good for you. Welcome to the dark side, as always! :)

Jarod, no need to register, because this one is more happening and no phantom voters, indelible ink etc.

Crankster said...

Asaxen, I've been following both sides of the campaign. Both have nasty supporters.

In fact, I could point you to racist displays against Obama.

Allow me to turn the tables on you. In what way is McCain different from his predecessors? And what can he offer to the Americans that wouldn't hurt their pockets?

Oh, and which country do you originate from?

Jugular, you're right, only those who want another holocaust would invite a Republican into the White House. Their stand on international trade is good, but only for rich people I reckon.

Democrats have more socialist type policies. And a less antagonising foreign policy, thank God.

I noticed Australia and Malaysia's stand. Have you Aussies been infiltrating our minds now? I thought the Leeds Festival was bad enough... ;-) Rule Britannia!!!

-naga- said...

Crankster.. actually I meant a poll btw Najib and Anwar.. I mean right now, only one party gets to say on who is going to be the next PM. But since they all gonna vote for Najib "as per plan" anyway, it would be interesting to know how many people out there actually support Najib, or Anwar given the choice he can takeover the government by March.

Crankster said...

Naga, that would certainly be interesting, wouldn't it? However, I think most people who find their way online are those who are disgruntled with the political scene.

So the majority would vote for Anwar instead of Najib. Unfortunately, I'm starting to accept that there are still a whole bunch of UMNO supporters out there, and if a general consensus was done, it might be a close fight.

Anonymous said...

No, more like they understand themselves that McCain is right,
Iranians, after all, are natrual cultural allies of the U.S. and 70% of them are below the age of 30.

Crankster, how closely did you watch our (Dem) primaries? I saw his treatment, handling, tactics and strategy first hand.
Perhaps you ought to make a search of Nobama sites not those spjnsored by right wing news organizations (tho Fox News has been the most objective this news cycle. If you're a Dem, thatr is; they hate us all evenly :) but of those FROM FELLOW DEMOCRATS.

Stopping Obama is stopping socialism. But this is just one thing. Even if he is.

No, no, we're not turning the tables. Why Obama? But I can answer you how McCain is different. He is the only the liberal republican left in the senate, he has bucked his own party 40% of the time ..

Get the picture? The 95% figure is a classic case of election year cherrypicking. But to call him another Bush is hilarious.

If not downright stupid. Let's look at it this way. Obama stole the nomination, Bush stole an election. Where's the difference? In fact he stole the nomination AND were he to win (which I doubt) that means he would've stolen both ..

That makes him even worse than Bush.

It is ok for the rest of the world to be in a blackout, 80% get their news via the mass media..but pls.; educate yourselves.

And I'm not even gonna start comparing him to Carter. The situation we have now in the Middle East for one is thanks to him. So either way you look at Carter, an inefficient president .. get to office and become ineffective.. Or like Bush, more of the same.

Both represent extremes. Both polarize. In fact can read about it on my blog..

What can OBAMA offer that wouldn't hurt their pockets? Big taxes, big spending ..

It's not the taxes it's the spending in recent years that has been out of whack. Blame Bush for that. he isn't even a real conservative .. but this too you can read about in my blog.

What does what country I'm from have to do with this? I'm an expat in Europe. Gva, to be exact.

Jugular, while I agree with you .. I like free trade .. nonetheless I can see where protectionism can play a part. If there is an industry that a country needs to ensure it's survival then slap tariffs on incoming products of the same sort.
Free and fair trade.

Are you.. I'm sorry but, you want socialism? To live behind the walls with machine guns? There's your socialism ..

I'm for social liberalism. But this too is in my blog.

In fact it's all in my blog. Those that are too lazy to read..don't blame me. I just came asking why McCain..and get attacked.

But that is typical of Obama supporters. And cry racist. I'm sorry but, being black isn't a hindrance but, it certainly is not an automatic qualification to be president. But this kind of thinskinness is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the double post but here's a good link to give yoiu an insight into the real Obama.

Anonymous said...

Campaign finance reform already. But then, there's a whole host of others .. and not even talking about climate change but, the 9/11 commission, HMO patients' bill of rights .. calling for the surge ..

Manny manny examples.

Oh, and what were my credentials for speaking on socialism? Because I've been behind the Iron Curtain, saw it when it still existed. Made me hate it even more.

Crankster said...

Asaxen, I have read your blog and analysed your points. You don't seem to have conclusive evidence on why McCain is a better choice apart from his being a war veteran.

I'm not a fan of Hillary Clinton but I noted with disgust the sexism she faced throughout the campaign. I'm also disgusted that Obama has had to face some racism as well.

I'm still surprised he's called a black man when he's actually half-white. I'm sure you'd be raring to call him a whack or a blite.

But if either Clinton or Obama were to win based on public sympathy for being female or black, that would just be wrong.

You tend to vilify socialism. I personally believe that capitalism can get out of hand through pure greed. With the amount of homeless that the USA currently has, I think the path of socialism would be a fine point to start.

Anonymous said...

You don't seem to be reading then or your reading skills aren't very good because if you have read my blog (as in, all of it) it covers not only issue by issue but also ideologically.

There is no racism. But if you want me to be one I could say you are..because all Asians are like it. lol Ive actually traveled and been in 22 countries. So pretty much seen the world. Educated. And in the public sector doing non profit work (NGO). In an intl setting.

So yea you can call me a racist. Im used to it with Obamians. Obots are the worst. It never is about the issues with them. But I have settled on McCain for that reaosn exactly.

And, yes, being a war veteran is enough reason. It's as simple as that.

I'm glad you agree that winning solely based on public sympathy is not enough. Yet that is exactly what is happening.

You tend to glorify socialism where it should not be. Did you read the bit about social liberalism?

Socialism is communism. But anyway ..

This article says it well:

Crankster said...

Either that or your writing skills leave much wanting. You hardly covered any issue beyond the actions of Obama supporters, which in my opinion are hardly cause for debate.

I've travelled to more than 22 countries, in spite of the fact I'm much younger than you. Talk about immaturity if you have to state your "credentials" to claim you're right.

I won't even bother to say if Asians are racist or not. The type of Asians you hang out with are symbolic of the kind of person you are.

I forget your types are socialism-communism lobotomised. You wouldn't even know why you think those ideologies are bad beyond what the herd dictates.

Patricia said...


Touché! You saved me the bother of speaking on your behalf, or on the behalf of other racist asians.


Crankster said...

Pat, thanks. :) I don't believe we Asians have anything to prove or disprove.