Monday, 16 May 2011

We Believe Them

Julia Gillard says:

"Malaysia has assured the [Australian] Government that asylum seekers will be well treated."

Has the Malaysian government assured the Australian government that they will not abuse their refugees?

Ah. Let's put that in perspective.

Ted Bundy has assured the Americans that he will never go on his serial killing rampage.

George Soros has assured the financial circles that he will never speculate on currency again.

Bill Gates has assured the IT industry that he will never touch a mouse again.

Utusan Melayu has assured the Malaysian public that it will never make false allegations.

And of course we believe them.


jugular said...

But the Ranga only needs to know what she is told. As long as politicians can defend their actions with "but they told me that...." it doesn't matter to them what the truth is.

Crankster said...

Not just politicians. I think CEOs,CFOs and COOs of big corporations do that too. They hear what they want to.