Monday, 9 May 2011

"We Do Not Compare Ourselves To Malaysia, But To 1st World Countries"

I was browsing youtube for some perspective on Singaporean politics. You'd be surprised how little we know about our own neighbours.

It was then that I saw this comment.

Thewongkahtatt believes that Singaporeans are lucky to have reasonably good governance and pretty good development in their nation. In one sense, I actually agree with him.

Singapore has great infrastructure and their public transport system is well-connected. I have been there a number of times and seen it for myself.

But the Singaporeans, like Malaysians have ignored their government for too long and allowed them free reign of the country - as long as they brought in wealth and prosperity.

The government regulates almost every aspect of its citizens' life - from what they hear and see to how they behave.

In one sense, it gives good results. The Singaporeans obey rules, are orderly and have a clean country.

In another sense, they are every bit as dumb as the average Malaysian, because they lack critical thinking and the ability to question.

Their government may be peppered with graduates from ivy league universities. Their citizens are also just as qualified.

They fancy themselves a class over Malaysians. They do not compare themselves to Malaysia, but to first world countries.

But their mental maturity does not reflect that.

I am still glad to be Malaysian - at least our issues are more straight forward and easier to identify and thus, rectify.

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