Friday, 13 May 2011

What Does It Mean To Have An Official Religion?

I am not disturbed by Utusan's obvious attempts to cause agitation among the masses. They are village idiots - the mouthpiece of the ruling coalition BN - so it is their job.

What bothers me, however, is the fact that people do indeed get agitated over trivial matters.

Seriously, why would anyone care about what the official religion is? I can understand why an official language would be important - it dictates the language of communication.

But what about official religion?? How does that play a part in everyday matters?

It's been exactly 42 years today since the famous race riots in 1969. There have not been any improvements in terms of race relations.

There is merely the incessant and insincere "call" for harmony and tolerance, which is a façade in itself. The minorities are expected to be tolerant while the majority calls the shots.

And when it comes to religious tolerance, conditions have deteriorated even further.

Church leaders have angrily denounced the report by Utusan Melayu, according to some news sites.

I don't know what they're angry about.

Assuming that church leaders had indeed prayed during a meeting attended by opposition leaders for Christianity to become the official religion, it looks like the rest of the country (especially those who believe these bizarre allegations) is acknowledging that the Christian god is the most powerful.

The Christians have just received the highest compliment they could ever get and they're angry.

Somehow, I strongly doubt the Christians bother about the trivialities of an "official religion" though.

Most of them are too smart to.


Starmandala said...

All the best belief systems are unofficial. By the time any mystical revelation or religious epiphany gets stamped "official" you can be sure it's been hideously adulterated and twisted beyond recognition!

Crankster said...

How true, Antares.

Joshua Lopez said...

By God! So well said Antares!