Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Stripper

Okay, I concede that the title was a cheap stunt to lure readers!!

But you must admit, that under the circumstances, Old Nyanyuk does deserve the title of "The Stripper".

Awhile ago, Old Nyanyuk along with the Indian Muslim organisation called Kimma made an appeal for BERSIH co-chairman Ambiga Sreenevasan to be stripped of her datukship.

Now, I personally don't think much of datukships -- anymore than I do knightships or OBEs or MBEs (if you're British). They are meant to be an honour, but if the body or person who bestowed it upon you is not honourable, it means nothing at all.

However, citizenship is a completely different thing altogether. No one really has the right to strip anyone of their citizenship, certainly not an unelected government who unlawfully sits in office by having cheated and rigged elections for decades.

This line of thinking obviously does not sit well with Old Nyanyuk, as he believes that voters should give two-thirds majority to the BN government so that they can amend the constitution to enable them to strip Ambiga of her citizenship.

BERSIH has come back with a disappointingly weak response, saying merely that Dr M must apologise to Ambiga, Bar Council.

But then again, perhaps they are a lot more professional than to suggest in turn that Old Nyanyuk be stripped of his citizenship for treason in randomly giving out citizenships to foreigners in exchange for votes to keep his party in power.

I digress. Ambiga has done the nation justice by trying to set straight what is crooked and corrupt.

Any person capable of logical thought would see that in a democracy, calling for free and fair elections is a very noble and responsible gesture.

I am personally in favour of free and fair elections, and am in sound mind to recognise that Malaysia does not have free and fair elections hence the constant need to demand them especially by taking to the streets.

The last time I checked, BERSIH 3.0 attracted a crowd of 200,000 to the streets. This, in spite of knowing that they could be arrested and charged under draconian laws.

Would Old Nyanyuk and the BN government like to strip those 200,000 people of their citizenship too?

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