Sunday, 14 April 2013

What About The Election?

After 5 years and 2 months, a decent proportion of Malaysians are anxious to return to the ballot boxes with greater urgency than even the previous elections.

The fever is international. Malaysians from every corner of the world are either excitedly following the progress of the upcoming days or even flying the thousand miles to come home and vote.

This time, an international audience is also watching. Not content with the ruling coalition's morality (or lack thereof), Bersih has beseeched Australia to get involved.

“Australia can and must play a critical role in ensuring a close UN member, Commonwealth friend and long-standing ally like Malaysia heeds its democratic obligations and respects the rights of its citizens without resorting to widespread violence, intimidation and electoral fraud,” said Global Bersih.

Malaysians have had enough. In the last 5 years, the crime rate has increased drastically. So has national debt. Meanwhile, the quality of life has steadily declined.

When things were going well, people turned a blind eye to corruption, racist practices, cronyism and nepotism. But life has stepped up the pace (all over the world, not just in Malaysia) and people are just not willing to accept old practices anymore.

So what are Malaysians voting for? Is it a certain political party? Or a particular personality? Or is there more to it?

Perhaps virtue may have a hand in it?

Like maybe, Empathy? Accountability. Transparency. Integrity. Stewardship.

Do those still matter?

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