Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Insulting Religion

If you had a Facebook account and have a decent number of Malaysian friends, you'd be aware that the most shared link is from Free Malaysia Today that reports Deputy Prime Minister saying that, ‘Non-Muslims are insulting our religion’.

It is pure, unadulterated drivel from the mouth of one who is illegitimately in the role of a national leader.

PUTRAJAYA: Action that touch Muslim sensitivities must stop or else it will create tension just like what is happening in other Muslim countries.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the action by certain quarters should not happen in a country that is enjoying the peace.

“This shows that there is no deep understanding within society.

“Muslims do not insult the religion of non-Muslims such as Christianity and Hinduism.

“But non-Muslims are insulting our religion,” he said at the breaking of fast with orphans of Rumah Amal Kasih Bestari here last night.

Whoa there, Quasimodo.

Muslims do not insult Christians? Really?

Did Muslims not raid a Christian community thanksgiving dinner?

Did the Muslims not firebomb 5 churches and 1 school? I personally have proof of a church that got razed in case anyone is planning to deny it.

And how about the way Muslims treat the Hindus?

Have people forgotten how a bunch of fools carried a severed and bloodied cow's head AND stepped on it to show contempt for another religion?

The cow is a sacred animal for Hindus. It was done deliberately to provoke anger and is the ultimate display of contempt and disrespect.

Upon realising how bovinely stupid they looked, they made a lame attempt at denying it, saying that the appearance of the cow's head at the protest remains a mystery.

I could go on about the temples that they've demolished, and the dead bodies of Hindu men that they've snatched in a last ditch attempt to convert them.

Stealing dead bodies!! How low could one stoop if you don't even let the Hindus pay their last respects to their dead loved ones?

At this point, it's pretty evident that you don't need the non-Muslims to insult the Muslims, because really, no one can insult Islam as well as the Muslims themselves.

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bryan said...

politicians are actually more like sanitary napkins during a certain time of month,can change them but will still be soiled from the discharge.
esp election time. and crap slinging is in season