Thursday, 18 July 2013

"Malaysia Stands To Gain From TPPA"

This is priceless:

Concerns that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) will be disadvantageous to Malaysia are largely misplaced as negotiators will certainly safeguard the country's economic and trade interests during the trade talks.

If you're wondering where that came from, it was taken from the frivolous rag known in these parts as the New Straits Times.

Now just about everyone knows that when the NST publish anything, they are almost certainly lying.

They just can't help themselves. If you asked them a straight forward question like what two plus three was, they'd feel compelled to lie and say any other number than five.

In this case, it's not so much a case of lying. There are plenty of lies in the rest of the article should you have the poor sense and judgment to read it seriously (you may, of course, read it for comic value).

What was striking is that NST attempts to convince readers that Malaysian negotiators sent by the Malaysian government would have the capability to protect our best interests.

To begin with, the government is only interested in what it can gain for itself. Further to that, it is full of rank incompetents who joined the civil service because no one else would consider employing them.

They are in no position to safeguard anything, not even a coop of chickens.

NST should read aloud what it writes. Only then will it realise what baloney really sounds like.

P.S. You may find this interesting: NST Fell For It


Anonymous said...

Your comments are really good and I believe you speak for a great many people in the country.
However, no matter how much we protest, we know how the end result will be like. All I can say is, padan muka to all who voted BN, when will they realise they crossed[on the ballot paper] a death warrant - death in terms of freedom. These people voted for suppression and a continuity - continuity of Big brother knows best.

Crankster said...

Thank you. I don't live and work in Malaysia even though I was born and bred there. I can speak of the government's blunders in a detached way. I feel sorry for all those people who are being screwed living under BN's incompetent rule.