Saturday, 31 August 2013

BERSIH and Overseas Malaysians

In 2011, two out of every ten Malaysians with tertiary education opted to live abroad. That is a significant number.

I have been documenting various reports on the Malaysian brain-drain, but to date, no measures have been taken by the BN government, simply because they do want the Chinese (who make up the majority of the migrants) to leave.

So a bunch of them do leave for greener pastures. But not for good.

If the BN government thought they were rid of this bunch, they were wrong. Desperately wrong.

These motley crew of disillusioned and disgruntled walk-outs may be far in physical distance, but emotionally close to the nation that gave birth to them.

They're back, stronger than ever, thanks to the issues highlighted by BERSIH.

They're interested in the progress of the nation, and are not afraid of the BN government.

Thanks to the exchange rate, this group is probably also responsible for funding projects carried out within Malaysia by social and political activists.

So much for the BN government's hopes and plans of unrestricted domination.

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