Monday, 3 March 2014

Who Owns Malaysia?

The KKK (KangKung Klan) aka ISMA-Perkasa coalition are back. And this time, they have "scientific research".

"Wow!" I can hear you say, "What is this research about, Crank?"

"Race and DNA," I offer, being extremely generous in my assumptions. "ISMA claim that they have found proof that the Malay genes existed before even the Chinese did."

"Where did this research come from?" you ask, somewhat suspicious (and with good reason).

Now I regret to inform you, dear readers, that I am not able to provide you with that information because I have no idea. I don't think ISMA have any idea themselves.

However, I can offer a bit of research on civilisations myself, based on what I have read and what is widely believed by scholars based on archeological findings. Take this map from Washington Post for example.

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First things first: The world as we know it,started in Africa. Humans migrated from there to different parts of the world.

The map above shows the migratory patterns of how humans got to where they eventually lived and were found.

To suggest, as ISMA did, that Malay civilisation existed before even Angkor Wat is ridiculous.

It is possible for a Malay civilisation to have begun before Borobudur because the Indonesians would have had to pass through Malaya before getting to Indonesia and starting theirs, assuming they travelled by land.

However, there is no evidence of this Malay civilisation existing so long ago. Not in Melaka (as the history books crow about) or even in Kedah.

On the contrary, there is was plenty of evidence of Hindu civilisation even as far down as in Kedah, but the government has been anxious to destroy them. Extracts from the article:

A housing developer has demolished several temples sites, including an 8th century heritage site, in Bujang Valley, Kedah, and the authorities are not taking any action to stop the act...

...several ancient temples, called Candi, had been demolished in the last few years to make way for development ... the developer had now demolished the most famous 8th century temple remnants known as Candi Sungai Batu estate or Bujang Valley site 11.

The Malaysian government calmly destroy 8th century temples while the Europeans devotedly restore and protect their 16th and 17th century building and artifacts.

Yes, Malaysia outdoes itself in madness.

But they obviously have reason for destroying evidence: so that they can come out with ridiculous claims to support their assertion that they own Malaysia/Malaya and have the right to do whatever they want and invoke whatever privilege they can think of.

Unfortunately, no one seems to be buying into it.

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