Friday, 25 July 2014

Malaysia And Scottish Terriers

Malaysia is so high maintenance.

Not only are we trying to hog all the attention from the world, but now, even the Scottish Terrier introducing our country refuses to walk during the opening ceremony parade for the Commonwealth Games in Scotland.

The damn dog had to be carried!!

From The Herald Scotland:

Around 40 Scotties took part in the celebrations in Glasgow, with many "recycled" to accompany more than one nation.

But it all became too much for some weary animals and they had to be carried around the stadium.

Jacqui McKinnon said that her pet Jock had auditioned for the star role in the opening ceremony, but when the big day came he unexpectedly staged a sit-down protest.

She said: "The dogs dealt with it really well; it's just Jock decided he wasn't walking. As soon as I put his Malaysia coat on he thought, 'I'm sitting down'. So Jock was the one who was carried around the Celtic stadium."

She said her Scottie was giving the world a taste of the breed's trademark stubbornness.

"They are very good-natured, they have great temperaments, but in Scotland we say they are thrawn, which means they are stubborn", she said.

"And when they take a notion, there is just no budging them. You can try food, everything. They will take the food, but still not budge."

Some may say that the dog staged a sit-down in solidarity with Malaysians over our two airplane crashes in the last 4 months.

Come to think of it, that's the version I'm planning to adopt myself.

But what is utterly irksome is that Singapore's Scottie dog calmly walked along. No tantrums, no fuss.

Nothing like our friendly neighbour down south still trying to show us up. Pooh.

Apparently, Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa takes exception to this display of dogs. I'm really not sure what his point of contention was.

That the dogs were incredibly cute?

That the Malaysia dog staged a sit-down protest solidarity?

That dogs were used as an introductory mascot, and Muslims object to dogs?

That the Commonwealth Games were staged in Scotland and therefore Scotties were used (instead of Corgis, the Queen's favourite breed)?

That they didn't use a monitor lizard just specially for Malaysia instead of a dog? Since we're so uniquely special and all.

One day all things will be made clear and we will understand the mind of that strange critter called Ibrahim Ali.

Until then.


Anonymous said...

I love your article. Yes, IA is a strange critter indeed. For me I thought the terriers were simple adorable.

Crankster said...

I think most of the world thinks they are adorable too. You should see how proud the Scots are of the show they put on! ;-)