Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Anwar Arrested!

They have made him a martyr, a superhero and a saint - all rolled into one.

Heck. Even Anwar Ibrahim himself could not have orchestrated it better.

The Barisan Nasional government is very systematically and imminently committing suicide.

Just after the highly-publicised debate on fuel subsidies yesterday, the silly roadblocks the day before and the fuel price protest the week before, public tension is high and you would think the government would tread carefully.

Very, very carefully. But no.

They didn't even give the man time to make an appearance at the police station. If Anwar had not showed up at 2pm, I would understand the need to arrest. They didn't even wait for the deadline.

About a dozen policemen, some of them wearing balaclavas, cordoned off the road leading to Anwar's house and stopped his car. Balaclavas are very Russian mafia. Did the police don them for special effect or to protect their own identities?

Some of the cars were marked and some were unmarked. Was there a necessity for the police to bring 10 cars to arrest one old, unarmed man with a bad back? Ironically, only today I wondered aloud what exactly it is that the Malaysian police do.

That wasn't all. They then bundled him into a police car with dark tinted windows before heading off for the HQ. Now the dark tinted windows remind me of the Sicilian mafia, bless their collective black hearts.

The damn fools went on to seal off roads to the police headquarters where Anwar had been brought, while a water cannon was on standby and a helicopter circled overhead.

And you thought last Monday's Gestapo-meets-Hamas type police presence was intimidating.

This beats most of the action-cum-thrillers in all its macabre violence that I've seen in Hollywood. Soderbergh, Kubrick, Tarantino, Ang Lee - time to pack up, you boys have been replaced!

Around the world, the major players in news publishing are furiously churning out articles and regular updates!

USA: Bloomberg, CNN, Wall Street Journal
France: International Herald Tribune
Qatar: Al-Jazeera
China: China Daily
UK: Times Online

How about our top news man? Raja Petra Kamaruddin of Malaysia Today has also been summoned to a police station where he is due to be charged for defamation.

They have great timing, don't they?

This is bound to inspire confidence in foreign investors. Have you seen today's stock market?


Harrison bin Hansome said...


Just a thought, if you are the one who use the handle "tamade" in Susan's blog, you surely has made some very good points and I had left an indirect respond to your commentaries.

Crankshaft said...

No, I am not tamade. :)