Tuesday, 22 July 2008

It's Crowded In The Closet

We're a bunch of homophobes.

Stuff that. We're a bunch of pious and sanctimonious homophobes with an inordinately torrid fascination for ass-play.

Otherwise, our political scene would not be gaining this much coverage. The accusations flying back and forth wouldn't be this ridiculous.

The mattresses, apartments, Turkish embassies, Statutory Declarations (heck, did you even know what that was before every other Joe started filing one?) and private investigators have their claim to fame attributed to our curiosity.

The most efficient method of assasinating a politician's career is to subject him to a scandal like that. More so homosexuality, rather than an extramarital affair - or even corruption, for that matter.

Why is that of utmost importance? I do recall that Anwar also had a corruption charge to his name. (I presume that was Mahathir's back-up plan just in case the sodomy one didn't take).

Did he get cleared of that or does no one care, since sodomy makes for more salacious gossip? Or is it an accepted fact that all Malaysian politicians secretly have a tendency for "that sort of thing"?

Forget about the politicians. Even blog commenters with supposedly private lives live in the closet. One prominent blogger, who exhibits signs of being not-very-Anwar-friendly (ahem) has fallen victim to such cyber-abuse.

Two anonymous commenters (obviously cowards) have made some rather odd offers. "You back side is looking very attractive. Can I come in?" asks one. The other says, "U r hurtin' KT luvy? Come here, i give some manly-luv."

Distressing, indeed. They sound very repressed. Is this a result of our homophobic society?

Though I'm beginning to think this obsession is not limited to homosexuality. Remember the SD filed by the private investigator, the now-vanished-into-thin-air, Balasubramaniam Perumal?

Can you remember the contents of the SD beyond "susceptible to anal intercourse"? No?

I think it is time for us to do away with laws pertaining to what is defined as ‘unnatural sex’ in Malaysia. The state should not have a say in what people do in their personal life.

During one of my business trips when I was rained in, I took to watching the limited assortment of DVDs that the hotel offered. One of them was Bridget Jones' Diary.

Today, I suddenly recalled a conversation between two of the lead characters (who were in bed together):

Bridget Jones: Daniel, what you just did is actually illegal in several countries.
Daniel Cleaver: That is one of the reasons why I'm so happy to be living in Britain today.

Back then I got a faint chuckle out of it. But today I frowned and growled, "B!tches! They're talking about us!!"

In Malaysia, under Section 377A and 377B of the Penal Code, any person who has sexual relations with another involving the introduction of the penis into the anus or mouth, can be jailed up to 20 years and is also liable for whipping.

Ow. Some funky laws we have here.

But these laws, while necessary for keeping Anwar Ibrahim behind bars, have not exactly been applied in the case of Chua Soi Lek, who still roams free. Both are offenses under the Penal code.

Of course, the bias could be due to political reasons rather than the "offence" itself. Anwar Ibrahim is from PKR while Chua Soi Lek is conveniently MCA.

If you're still wondering who - yes, I'm referring to The Chua Soi Lek of the sex DVD fame, who has a blog called (shouldn't that be 69, good doctor?) where he chides Anwar for refusing to give a DNA sample.

Gotta love the double standards.


guvnor said...

Dr. Chua jumping on the bandwagon to chide Anwar to get publicity...our good doctor lurve would be running for MCA president.

ASEAN kommissariat said...

I cabut only temporarily. I will be back. and by that time i hope that this price hike among many other things will have led to new and different and better govn being in place.

jugular said...

What???? a blow job is illegal there as well???? WTF.... what do you guys do for entertainment? ;).

Mind you, there might be some Brits that would do it just to get the resulting whipping hahaha......

Crankshaft said...

Yes, it is most certainly illegal. Under Section 377 of the Penal Code.

If PAS had their way, we'd be shopping in segregated areas, refraining from watching movies in cinemas - don't even think of rock concerts.

I'd have thought sex was entertainment enough, but evidently not. There are restrictions to that as well.

Now you know why we're such repressed individuals?

Oh hell. I have faith in the Brits, those crazy buggers. Though it makes you wonder, how would they go out to get caught in the first place???

jugular said...

Just do a Hugh Grant and get caught in a car with a pr0.

Rock concerts as well??? Well they wouldn't like the song by Ian Dury and the Blockheads 'Se* and Drugs and Rock and Roll'

Crankshaft said...

You need an obliging Divine Brown for that.

I think for PAS, it's a given that the three go hand-in-hand. They banned an Indonesian singer from performing, citing national security.