Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The Truth Is Like Pink Bananas

When someone like Abdullah Ahmad Badawi claims that there are no threats against Anwar Ibrahim's life and that the government promises protection for him, there is only one suitable response that comes to mind:

Dude. Plug that hole.

And I'm referring to his mouth, and not the other end, lest you think I am suggesting he go get himself sodomised.

Though it wouldn't be a bad idea considering how sodomy has become so in vogue these days.

But I digress.

It astounds me that Pak Lah even bothers to declare assurances anymore. Everyone knows he lies as fluently as he snores.

Any occasion where Pak Lah utters the truth (even by accident) would be an occasion to celebrate. A moment to commemorate. Time to bring out the champagne and make a toast..

It would be as rare, unexpected, unbelievable - perhaps even confusing as, say ... pink bananas.

Now Pak Lah is either ignorant of the reputation he possesses, or in severe denial. I'd say the latter is a higher possibility.

It doesn't, however, stop him from getting offended when the USA stated that it would oppose any politically motivated investigation or prosecution against Anwar.

"The United States seems to harbour prejudice against us. The Government will not intervene in any investigation. The team carrying out the probe are professionals and they know their duties."

In your dreams. Liar.

There are no professionals left in the police force. The judiciary has its hands tied behind. This investigation is probably an exercise in futility.

I expect to see mattresses being brought to court again.

But Pak Lah cannot take the credit for being the biggest liar yet. Someone else takes the cake:

Malaysian deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak also assailed the American government for implying that the investigation could be biased.

"It is not politically motivated. The thought never even crossed our minds," he said.

I was still laughing 3 hours later.

As I said, the truth is like pink bananas.


Anonymous said...

fact of the day
banana is the only fruit that grows upwards

Crankshaft said...

An interesting fact indeed.

There are more insinuations in this post than meets the naked eye. :)

You've picked up on banana so far. Not bad.

The Zik said...

that picture really caught me off guard. BRAVO crankshaft! Best piece yet mohahaha

Crankshaft said...

Credits go to my colleague. She sent me the email and it just reminded me of our bizarre political situation. :)

cherry tree said...

I always thought there was something fishy about Saiful and today my boss's driver (malay dude) was starting intently at a picture of Saiful. at length he said, "i find there's something wrong with this guy. he got sodomised but he looks so happy."

he said he didnt believe the PM and DPM. seems i'm not the only one that doesnt believe anything No 1 and No 2 says anymore. I dont know who they think they're trying to fool. we malaysians must look incredibly stupid to them.

gongkaukau said...

Surprisingly or not, I have a group of Malay drivers in my office and they think the same as the driver to Cherry Tree's boss.

UMNO today cannot claim ownership of the Malays anymore. I believe the PM and DPM are making this a reality.

I cannot get over the lastest revelation about our DPM's liking for using the back door! Hehehe...

Anonymous said...


badawi is real smart. he assured no conspiracy and asked Anwar to do a DNA in front of him.
Can you beat his genuis mind?
By the way, Badawi, what happens after the DNA is done? To be planted in someone arse (the last time in 1998 the planting was in the mattress)? Seems like it, if not why is the police not releasing a copy of the report lodged by Saiful?
Give us some credit, Badawi. We aint as stupid as you think.