Monday, 18 August 2008

Rox For PM

Remember I once asked, Who Can Lead Us?

I didn't exactly expect a response, but Rox has offered herself up as a living sacrifice. Well, sort of. :)

It's a hoot! You absolutely HAVE to read it!! Now!

Rox's offering should rightly take responsibility for evoking consternation and some very startled expressions in my office. I do derive a significant amount of amusement from the stuff I read online.

But rarely do I bury my nose and mouth in the palms of my hands, to unsuccessfully muffle the snorts of laughter that did escape eventually.

She has a way with words, Rox does. But more importantly, she also has some very salient points, 3 of which I highlight below.

1. The New Economic Policy

The NEP is just so taboo, that no one really wants to address it. Especially the politicians (with the notable exception of Lim Guan Eng) because at this point, saying anything could lose you some precious votes.

But you know what's wrong with us non-Malays? We tend to curl up in a corner and lick our wounds because we think the nation is doing us such an injustice by perpetuating the implementation of the NEP.

To an extent, it does border on unfairness. But it's nothing compared to what it's doing to the Malays. How it's crippling those it claims to "help" and ensuring that they are eternally buried under their mountain of insecurity.

Guess which despot owns this.

By the way, it's official - I have bad taste. Both Rox and GobloKing, among others, think that this mansion is garishly furnished. But I sure love the pool.

Rox has a penchant for documenting stories of people who live in strange places, bless her heart. The stories about these Malays, I believe, were highlighted by the mainstream media to validate and justify the implementation of the NEP.

But I think they serve as a solid reminder of why the NEP is such a failure. Compare the splendour of the mansion, with the abandoned toilet and the chicken coop.

Same country, different world. Product of the NEP.

2. Corruption

People I have spoken to in person always disagree with me, but I believe law-enforcement officers must be given better wages and working conditions so that "they won't be tempted by pittance/duit kopi".

It's not so much about the money as it is about instilling pride and integrity in carrying out their duties.

Honestly, it's very distressing to see that the police and militarymen have no more zest for what they do, which happens to be a very important role in our society. They have exchanged their noble calling for the errands of a running dog, that's what they've done.

They have been bribed into doing the bidding of the evil despots in our country. That desperately begs for change.

As for the despots themselves:

Any minister/administrator found guilty of making lucrative deals with foreign operatives at the expense of the rakyat, and civil servants of accepting bribes in any form or amount, will be tarred, feathered and hanged by their schwanz/kitzler to fry under the sun in front of Parliament from midday to sundown.

Good to know she doesn't practise gender discrimination. Equality for all, baby.

3. Education

This is so relevant, in the face of sub-standard institutions of higher learning.

Forget about UiTM. Our children are being educated in schools, where they are taught not to question authority. Or ask why something is done without being told, "It's tradition."

We have the memorise-and-regurgitate rote system that does not enhance creativity or inspire critical thinking. Simply put, we don't think.

The Indians follow the rote system as well. But if you worked in Cyberjaya, you would know that international servers and computer systems for MNCs are manned not by Malaysians but by expatriate Indian systems and software engineers.

Where did we go wrong?

We obviously haven't moved along with world trends when it comes to education. But Rox does a fine job of hashing it out; anything else I say would be redundant.

I feel sorry for all those top students in my class who graduated only to find, that the working world is the complete opposite of life in school.

And I'm sorry for those bored students who never bothered to put in any effort because the education system frankly undermined their intelligence.

I was lucky. I had maths and physics, the only two subjects I shone at, apart from English.

Oh, and I had Candide. :)


walla said...

Goethe, the German writer (IQ210)said of him: "If you wish depth, genius, imagination, taste, reason, sensibility, philosophy, elevation, originality, nature, intellect, fancy, rectitude, facility, flexibility, precision, art, abundance, variety, fertility, warmth, magic, charm, grace, force, an "eagle sweep" of vision, vast understanding, instruction, rich tone, excellent, urbanity, suavity, delicacy, correctness, purity, clearness, eloquence, harmony, brilliancy, rapidity, gaiety, pathos, sublimity and universality, perfection indeed, behold Voltaire."

He could have said the same of Rox and Crankshaft. ;)

Walla bows out.

Anonymous said...

"The Indians follow the rote system as well. But if you worked in Cyberjaya, you would know that international servers and computer systems for MNCs are manned not by Malaysians but by expatriate Indian systems and software engineers."

the only reason this happens is cos we are not churning out enough ppl who are capable. the graduates that we churn out are more into easy jobs that pay well. the attitude with many of our local grads makes it difficult for them to be hired in such high reliability service culture environment due to the mindset that clashes with such culture

Anonymous said...

those students who are good who are able to do such jobs are few. Even then, they dun fit that well into the metrics expectation of the policy makers, in which most of them managemnt types ppl run the entire MSC.

Silicon Valley did not get where they are today by being so rigid. It was partially the university culture that intertwine so closely with the local industry that catalysed the growth rather than just pure planning. Granted, planning has its place to ensure continuity or contingency plans. But not so when its executions tend to just work towards shortterm goals

Patricia said...

Yup, what we need is a kiss-ass PM, and your friend Rox sounds like just the one we need. And a woman, to boot. Every mum knows that if you want to do a job right - you send a woman to do it!!!

Crankshaft said...

You mean kick-ass, don't you, Pat? :)

Walla. You flatter us.

Patricia said...

OMG kill me now, before I did of malufication!

Yah I meant kick-ass. I was thinking, 'all these guys do is kiss-ass', and then that was what I wrote.

Sigh. Exit, stage left, even.

Crankshaft said...

Anon, my point exactly. There's something very wrong with our education system. Rox adequately explains why in her post.

Crankshaft said...

Pat, hahaha! Chill babe, anyway I understood you - it was only a 2 letter typo. Sonya still on your mind?

rox said...

walla. I know you read Candide!

patricia, I was about to say wtf ... ! I had a Murphy's law day today and you made me laugh so I forgive you, hahaha! No worries, I make even more wish-I-die typos when I'm in a hurry!

walla said...

These are for rox (;P); when she makes PM, i'll stand on the roof and shout hurray world:

and this one will be part of the new education supplement at national service: