Friday, 21 October 2011


Got an issue? Then sort it out, folks! Have a walk, have a rally, wave some banners, scream your lungs out if you have to.

That is democracy. Of course, it has no place in this country, because Malaysia is not a democracy.

This HIMPUN has more issues than Lindsay Lohan, frankly.

Like Lindsay Lohan, HIMPUN seems incapable of taking itself seriously. In a country where Muslims are the majority, it seems a little redundant (and bizarre if I may) when they claim to be the victims.

Especially when the world knows what Malaysia is really like. I have blogged repeatedly over the body-snatching incidents by Muslims. It makes you wonder what kind of people would try to grab dead bodies.

It's even on BBC: Malaysia burial row fuels tension

Interestingly, PAS (Islamic party of Malaysia) has distanced itself from this HIMPUN rally. I would have expected that this would be a rallying cry for them as they are the pro-Islamists.

Most of the Opposition politicians have also looked away. This, ironically, seems to be a pro-UMNO movement.

I see sense in the words of AkuMelayuIslam:

Saya cadangkan dua juta umat Islam berhimpun bagi mengatasi masalah perangai orang Islam sendiri, seperti suka fitnah, rasuah, lucah, boros, malas, menipu, hiburan berlebihan, pergaulan bebas, buang bayi, rempit, dadah, berpecah, tolak hukum Allah, dan lain-lain. Masalah ini dihadapi oleh berjuta juta umat Islam.

Ini lah masalah sebenar yang dihadapi umat islam sekarang, bukan dikristiankan yang melibatkan mungkin beberapa ratus orang. Wassalam.

For a moment, it almost seems that Muslims can be level-headed. I wouldn't hold it against them. I suppose when you're distracted and bubble-brained like Lindsay Lohan, you do the strangest things.

That being said, I don't know why Bishop Paul Tan is getting agitated (since he is pretty smart, if a little verbose).

“Judging from the campaign waged by some sections of the mainstream media and blogs you would think Muslims in Malaysia in droves are being covertly converted to Christianity,” Bishop Tan said.

“This is only true in the fevered imagination of the Harussani Zakarias’ of this country and not anywhere else,” added the bishop.

(Harussani Zakaria is the Perak mufti who has periodically raised the alarums about Christianization of Muslims in Malaysia.)

“In all the history of Muslim-Christian relations since independence I have never seen a government so casual and so irresponsible as to allow the fabrications this man has visited on the general population go by with impunity,” lamented the prelate.

One of the speakers at the Himpunan Sejuta Umat this weekend is Harussani Zakaria.

Ah yes :-) Harussani Zakaria -- a man of limited talents and multiple grouses. Watch him incite ill-feelings and racial hatred.

I guess it remains to be seen how many Muslims would take up this "cause".


Joshua Lopez said...

Harrussani Zakaria is one hell of a bigot who uses religion to play with politics. This HIMPUN is all about uniting the Malays under the umbrella of fear so that they would swing towards UMNO.

If they speak about Murtads, please give us the damn prove! Show us how many Muslims have converted to Christianity and don't forget to show us how many non Muslims have they converted open and secretly in the last 5 years! Give us the damn bloody statistics!

nadiahchem said...

dont be paranoid guys. HIMPUN is not BERSIH. we will show u today. and by the way, there is nothing wrong with people screaming and jumping like mad in big concerts(which take your moral down). why this HIMPUN gets so many hatred comments? obviously, you are just paranoid. let us muslims do our job, and you sit there quietly, be a good observer. its nothing like what u said.

Joshua Lopez said...

Using Religion to Protect Umno & Rulers. Simple! The idiots at the end of the day? The Malays.

Joshua Lopez said...
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Joshua Lopez said...

Using Religion to protect UMNO & The Rulers, Simple! At the end of the day? Malays are programmed to be Stupid!

Anonymous said...

This HIMPUN got nothing to do with politics, it is purely about Islam...Muslims are not just about Malays, this is not racial matter...
Those who doesn't know about what Islam really is and the objective of HIMPUN would easily speak negatively about it, without knowing the actual thing...this is about safeguarding Muslims' aqidah...

Anonymous said...

Lol, the main purpose of himpun is for all Muslims to gather together and get united. Nothing to do with politics, race, etc... of course once we're there, we talk about current issues we're facing. If you have trouble imagining it, try thinking of the many football fans cheering for their team in a match. They got together to show their support towards their team.

It's normal for people to feel grudges towards others but it's not nice to make nasty comments about it publicly. I admit that some are using it for political reasons but they are what you'd call a bad apple. The rest of us came to show our love and support towards Islam.

Joshua Lopez said...


Stop the draconian comments. As easy as you convert non Muslims, the same goes to Muslims. This is A Democratic World. What one does to his/her body, lifestyle and faith is a right of the individual.

Forcing a person to keep to a religion and further pushing religion down one's throat is an act of utter stupidity & a draconian mindset coupled with highest inferiority complex!

Always harping on religious issues while the others contribute to this country! Ever wondered why Malaysia is about the only Muslim country in the world to be developing and doing well? Because we have non Muslims slogging for this country! Simple! Buka Mata Tu Terang-Terang!

Which Muslim country in this World is doing well, developing and having Peace?!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear joshua,

Your point about Malaysia being the only Muslim developing country because there are Non-muslim there is a bit of generalisation..dont u think?
Have it with prove man..
else its the same like saying america is one developed country because there are jews in there. (which most of us like to believe is true..but none can be sure of it...)

and yes. May God bless you.

Joshua Lopez said...

Yes, Malaysia is the most developed Muslim Country in The World. Dubai & Jordan may claim they are developed but really there aren't and please Brunei is no where close.

Malaysia is successful despite many shortcomings and i wish to let others judge why. One of the reason would be the successful involvement of the Chinese in whatever they put their heads into.

The Indians have made their mark in Medicine, Education & Engineering. Those that fall under lain-lain have also contributed well but really our Top leaders have time and time again reminded Malays that their leap or contribution hasn't made much significant change. This is the truth.

Now, If you ask me who has the best heart, the warmth? I say the Malays.

Anonymous said...


Seems like you're so obsess on putting things on fire, talking about sensitive issues, racial and religious, differentiation among the people instead of the commonness, bringing more harm than good?

Blindly and violently making such statement. You actually don't understand the whole thing.

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Qatar, Bahrain, etc.

Joshua Lopez said...

"sensitive issues" Boy! Everything and Anything can be deemed sensitive these days. Even Cheese cake can be sensitive to you guys these days! Everybody and everything including a rat is seen as a Threat to Islam and the Malays.

Just have a good read at Dr.M's blog and he himself clearly says that it's true that no Muslim country is developed. What's so sensitive about that?!

Crankster said...

Not to menyampuk or anything, but UAE is somewhat developed only because of foreign skills.

I have worked abroad and I meet Malays who live and work there. Interestingly, away from the heartland, they are industrious, intelligent and come highly recommended.

The truth is, as long as there is the NEP, and as long as UMNO is in power, the Malays will never be seen as equals to the Chinese and Indians.