Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tan Twan Eng Wins Walter Scott Prize

This Penang Larng has done us proud.

Tan Twan Eng is the author of two novels (both of which have Asian themes -- Malaysian and Japanese, to be specific) which have been translated into other languages.

He has won awards for his writing, the latest being the Walter Scott Prize for The Garden of Evening Mists.

From the Telegraph:

Commenting on the prize, the judges said: “All the authors on this year's shortlist have written wonderful books, illuminating times and breathing life into personalities in a way that is enlightening and which brings lasting pleasure to the reader. However The Garden of Evening Mists is the book that left the deepest imprint on us.

Like many acclaimed Malaysians, he doesn't live at home anymore, though I doubt it makes him any less Malaysian.

And it doesn't mean I will be any less proud of him.

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