Friday, 2 August 2013

"Too Outspoken"

He was passionate about fighting crime.

He was really keen to expose the alleged link between police and the underworld.

But his enthusiasm for exposing crime came with hazards.

He claimed harassment by several individuals and was followed by a group of men while having a drink with his friend at a popular coffee joint at the LCCT airport.

So he lodged a report at the Sepang police station.

No action was taken.

A few days later, he posted on his Twitter account that a hired gun was out to get him, saying: "A @PDRMsia cop told some syndicate fellow that he'll get them firearm & told them to fire few shots at my house to scare me/family!"

And then just eight hours later, he got shot in the abdomen while he was driving his car in a sleepy little town.

So this beggars the question: Why did he get shot?

This is the first time I have heard the concept of being "too outspoken". Things do not get resolved if you're not outspoken.

There is no point in being enthusiastic about anything if one is not outspoken. One is the consequence of the other -- and it is a good thing.

But evidently, not everyone seems to think so. Certainly not the former Inspector General of Police, who is obviously implicated in this matter:

Former police chief Tan Sri Musa Hassan considers Crime watchdog My Watch president R Sri Sanjeevan as too outspoken until a party decided to shoot him.

He said that he had advised Sanjeevan not to be outspoken and to solve several issues through the right channel.

“Sanjeevan is too outspoken, and I’ve advised him that if has any information, he needs to go to MACC. If he wants to cooperate with the police, do it properly. Cooperate with the police that he trust, give them (the information) for them to take action. But he decided to do his own monitoring. He was in Jempol to monitor and he received threats,” he told Astro AWANI.

Apparently, according to the former IGP, the "right" channel is the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption).

Obviously, that wasn't a safe channel for Teoh Beng Hock or that Customs Officer who suffered a similar fate.

If there is a connection between the police and the underworld, the last place to go, last people to trust, last course of action are the police. (The second last would be the underworld, of course -- in case you were wondering).

So it's natural that one would be suspicious of the incidents surrounding this shooting. Who is implicated?

All fingers point in the same direction.

Guess who's touchy.

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