Wednesday, 3 October 2007

The HUGE Contribution To Space!!

So I happened to be browsing through The Mobster's site, which you REALLY don't know what you're missing if you've never dropped by. You poor, deprived individual, you. Go deprive thyself no more.

Anyway, there seems to be this HUGE debate as to the validity of Mob's choice of words in describing our jaguh kampung aka angkasawan.

Apparently the word "faggot" offended the sensitive ears of certain readers who felt the pretty boy doctor did not DESERVE to be maligned as such since he was selected by the government!

Yeah well, cry me a river.

I just LOVE Mob's response:
..let me reiterate the Space Participant knew about the glorified publicity stunt for Barisan Najis at the cost of tax payers' money all along. For my contribution of tax money, I can call his ass anything I want, dude. You can call him 'Angkasawan', I call him Instellar Numb Nut. ;)

You tell 'em, Mob!

Don't tell me Malaysians in general are so stupid to think that being an astronaut revolves solely around wearing a bloody space suit and getting launched into space.

At least there is hope for ONE Malaysian - Mob gets it right when he says:
Real astronauts spend their entire lives preparing for these moments and behind them are hundreds and thousands of engineers, technicians, ground support, crew and etc backing him/her up for the flight.


And I don't give a rat's ass to what the Russians say. They're benefitting from Malaysian gross stupidity. I would think there is someone smooth enough to do the PR thingy. And yes, apparently, there's the fluent Bahasa Indonesia-speaking diplomat in the form of Alexander Karchava.

The Star has taken up the task of making us feel better about our money going down the drain.

Russian ambassador to Malaysia, Karchava claims that the, "..Angkasawan had an important job to do, carrying out vital scientific experiments to benefit Malaysia and the world."

Pray. Tell us stupid citizens what those "vital scientific experiments" may be. Surely it does not involve tea or dough? Or kid's games?

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