Thursday, 4 October 2007

EU And Malaysian Ethnic Policies

I was revisiting some old issues which cropped up some months ago and I found some quotable quotes. :)

In Malaysian trade minister slams EU envoy's view on ethnic policies on EU business, Rafidah exhibits the foot-in-mouth disease.

EU ambassador Thierry Rommel had said Malaysia's attraction to foreign investment had weakened because of the education and economic policies favouring bumiputras at the expense of other groups.

Rafidah's responses:

"Mr Rommel doesn't know Malaysia or he has not bothered to find out."
And have you, ma'am?

"... He has always had this problem with his attitude," Rafidah told an audience of industry leaders and diplomats.
Now, now. Getting personal, are we? You seem to have quite a bit of an attitude problem yourself, ma'am.

"I would like to dismiss Mr Rommel's views. It is totally unwarranted. He really raised my blood pressure quite high," Rafidah said.
Blood pressure? I think we have more of an interest in the country's economy than in your blood pressure, ma'am. If you don't mind.

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