Saturday, 21 May 2011

GE13 Prediction: July 2011

That's according to Dr Dzul, at least. Why does he think so? In his blog, he states that:

This writer has been informed by reliable sources that the Election Commission has been told to be prepared for any eventuality. Local authorities have also been warned to be on the alert. Most telling is the fact that Umno and the BN have now gotten down to having polling and counting agents identified by name, in all streams in the Polling Districts throughout the country. That’s the level of preparedness. This writer can vouch for that.

Najib very recently mooted the idea of having a mock election for Umno and the BN in July. While having a dry run is not unfamiliar especially for the ruling party, the announcement is odd and smacks of treachery. This fuels the notion of a well-contrived decoy.

That makes sense to me, actually. Add to the fact that the election commission is gearing itself up to allow more cheating by the ruling coalition:

Recent changes announced by the Election Commission do not contribute to free and fair elections

The Election Commission has refused to reform the currently flawed postal ballot system. To make matters worse, they now want to bar polling and counting agents from bring their mobile phones in.

During the previous election, these agents were able to double check procedures and validity/legitimacy of certain action or effectively feed information of any irregularities to their political parties.

This coming elections is going to be as dirty as it ever gets.


Starmandala said...

Didn't Deepak Jaikishan predict Jibby's downfall in July 2011? Once Pink Lips goes, it will mark the end of 3 generations of Umno.

Crankster said...

I hope we succeed in removing UMNO. You should check out some of their spin-meisters.

Racism: Ibrahim Ali
Religious extremism: Ridhuan Tee

They're getting worse and worse, and I suspect this is to distract us from real issues on the ground.

walla said...

The post-mortem of GE13 will show that the Opposition failed because the elections were rigged to tilt votes towards BN.

Note that number of votes doesn't proportionate to number of seats in an election system that has consistently favored the incumbents.

The GE13 collection and processing of votes must be internationally watchdogged, especially now that polling agents have been identified by name.

Have i said enough for the Opposition members to WAKE UP for once beyond their NGO-type disorganized volunteerist mindset?

I really am tired of the rigmarole of this country, Crankshaft.

But then, if a 12A+ can be given a scholarship to do diploma in animal farming, why should anyone be surprised this country has become an animal farm? Run by racist monkeys.

Crankster said...

Walla - I think I know what you feel. It's been over 3 years, and the truth is, we are no closer to making a change than we were in March 2008.

I think that was a fluke, and no one, least of all, the Opposition expect it. In some ways, I cannot expect them to make a huge change. Government funding and allocations (or the lack of it) ensures that they keep running into dead ends.

But the Opposition is not aggressive enough. They tend to be on the defense all the time when they should be on the offensive. They are too fearful of earning the wrath of the very people they seek to woo. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The public interest in the Opposition has waned. I see them as weak and without backbone. Not because they argue over policies. I would love for them to go loggerheads on it. But the issues they fight over are trivial and meaningless - like who should contest what seat.

I think they've lost respect because they haven't been aggressive enough. They are followers, not leaders. It's a shame.

Meanwhile, the village idiots reign supreme. Threaten violence and bloodshed. The government plunders. Everyone gets distracted from the real issues.

It's a miserable situation.

What's this about a diploma for a 12A student?