Sunday, 26 January 2014

Twits In Office

Almost 6 years ago, I blogged on British politics, marvelling how they were able to field such high calibre candidates like Screaming Lord Sutch and Mad Cow-Girl (who passed away in 2010, God rest her soul) from the Official Monster Raving Loony Party and Lord Biro of the Church of the Militant Elvis Party.

The OMRLP, despite the death of both its prominent candidates Sutch and Cow-Girl, has still continued to thrive, possibly thanks to the "invaluable assistance of Secret Squirrel" who is the mastermind behind the one-man rodent think tank.

Malaysians who despair of the religious issues in Malaysian politics: banning the word 'Allah' for non-Muslims, the calls for banning open sale of pork and making it illegal for Muslims and non-Muslims to intermarry -- do not feel disheartened.

You are not alone. Malaysia is not the only country that has imbeciles for politicians. There are two prominent ones in the UK, and no, they don't come from the OMRLP.

The first was a glass-eyed twit who did not believe that the holocaust had ever happened. Nick Griffin of the BNP went on to become an MEP (member of the european parliament) but recently, he has gone bankrupt, much to the amusement of many Guardian readers.

But one other nut remains. His name is Nigel Farage. Yes, it's pronounced exactly in the same way we refer to a woman's vagina in Malay. He possesses precisely the same amount of intelligence as that particular part of the female anatomy as well.

For instance, he recently disowned the manifesto of his own party Ukip, saying it was "drivel". Now I wouldn't dream of disputing that.

Some of the plans include capping the number of foreign players in football teams, bringing back "proper dress" to the theatre, scrapping paid maternity leave, allowing corporal punishment in schools and holding referendums on new places of worship such as mosques.

These are obvious blights on minority rights, but then again, he is an established racist and misogynist.

The more wacky plans were to enforce a compulsory dress code for taxi drivers, and to repaint trains in traditional colours.

Those sort of ideas would resonate very nicely with BN/UMNO (with their teh-tarik and roti-canai in space), if you ask me. They obviously share the same intellectual wave-length.

But that's not what I have a problem with; it's that he is backing a manifesto that he hasn't even bothered to read! Does he seriously aspire to run the country?

It would require a whole personality/image overhaul, and not just because he (as the media delicately puts it) "likes his beer", which to the uninitiated is a euphemism for "he's a drunk".

And who, in their vacant minds would support and/or vote for this fool?

The bigots, that's who. Or as Guardian readers reverently refer to them, the "idiots".

These are the people who blame everyone else but themselves for their failures. Insular and parochial, they subscribe to paranoia of ludicrous levels. They don't only hate the Asians and Africans, they even hate the Eastern Europeans.

One reader made an astute observation, and pointed out something that I have been trying get through to people in the Malaysian scene. He says:

Mass immigration? You mean the 30-odd people who've come from Romania and Bulgaria? Your premise of mass immigration is a bigoted lie, designed to divide the non-ruling-class to prevent us from tackling the real foe, the extremely tiny elite (the ruling class) who pay no taxes and contribute nothing but steal our services and rip us off.

I've had enough of these lies and misinformation you rightwingers put out, reported as if fact by the rightwing media. The barrage is constant.

It's not just us that have to put up with racist and misinformed crap, folks.

It's not just us.

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