Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Racial Politics

Almost a year ago, I penned a rather sarcastic blog entry about elections in the UK and how they compare with the Malaysian scene.

I find it strange that back then when I posted this, I had absolutely no idea that a mere six months down the road, I would find myself in the UK - and in the midst of elections (this time, the European parliament) at that.

But so life goes.

Since then I've revised my views about the Green Party. They may have a strange leader in David Icke, but based on their manifesto, they seem to be a reasonable bunch.

Unlike the British National Party.

Now these fools are the British equivalent of UMNO, except they're not currently the ruling coalition. Yet.

You see, British MPs of late have been misbehaving. To cut a long story short, misappropriation of public funds by claiming all kinds of expenses, which is a big deal when people are getting retrenched and being made redundant.

Someone leaked out the news of this to the Daily Telegraph and it became a hot topic for discussion.

Of course, it's nowhere near the graft, corruption and misappropriation standards of good ole Malaysia, but people are angry nevertheless. Many are looking for alternatives, and suddenly the BNP is looking like a bright option.

The UK will regress about half a century if the BNP come into power. It will turn into Malaysia.

These rabid dogs are nothing but racist, blinded bigots. They are against immigration, Islam and multiculturalism. Heck, they even promote 'Rights For Whites' which is well.. the British equivalent of Ketuanan Melayu.

Do the Muslims deserve to bear the brunt of BNP's attacks?

Well, some do. The fact that the Finsbury Park mosque gave birth to and nurtured the extremists is testament to that. Heck, the BNP jumped on that window of opportunity and distributed fliers saying, "Maybe now it's time to start listening to the BNP".

But it would be unjust to say that Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are the source of the drug problem. And no, not all Muslims are trying to groom young white girls into their way of life.

Muslim women may be a minority group, but some of them are the faces of television and significant pillars of the economy.

Take Mishal Husain, the main anchor for BBC World News, for example.

Well, check out the whole list.

I don't know what would be the outcome of this elections. While people seem to be disillusioned by Labour and the Conservatives, there is still the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats.

The BNP is actively targetting the North West. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


zewt said...

wow... didnt know british politics are shite too. but glad to know the rights for whites group are not in power. i think they will never be based on the maturity of ppl.

masterwordsmith said...

Apparently, there will be lots of legal suits in the pipeline too...;) don't you feel at home there, Crankster?

*sigh* Now we wonder who is the one setting the benchmark for gutter politics!