Sunday, 1 May 2011

Smooth Criminals

I was casually browsing through the news when I saw this:

Malaysia 'smooth criminals' walk off with diamonds

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian police said Sunday they were investigating how "smooth criminals" walked off with over 3.0 million ringgit ($1.0 million) worth of diamond jewellery from a gem exhibition.

District police chief Arjunaidi Mohamed told AFP that officers were probing the heist, which took place at the exhibition stand of famous local jeweller Habib at a suburban mall on Friday night.

"We have obtained the CCTV footage from the scene and have also taken statements," he said, declining to give further details as the investigation is ongoing.

It is evident that the crime rate in this country is extremely high.

If only the police spent more time solving these crimes than arresting peaceful protesters on the streets.

Really, it would be far more productive and beneficial.


Starmandala said...

Real criminals are birds of a feather and flock together to defend the corrupt status quo against the Greatest Evil of All Time - Anwar Ibrahim and his Ketuanan Rakyat! For all we know, maybe the thieves were SB officers on special assignment to fill the UMNO warchest on behalf of their boss, the crime minister's cousin?

Joshua Lopez said...

there's an old joke in Msia; Malays do small theft, Indians have a passion for parangs & The Chinese do banks or where major sums of money is involved. Melayu and India get your handbags and gold, some steal from cab drivers! Chinese always think BIG ONE !